Photo of ambulanceThe Division of Emergency Medical Services, known as Lee County EMS (LCEMS), is a third-service, county-based emergency medical services provider licensed by the Florida Department of Health. The division employs emergency medical technicians and paramedics, as well as field supervisors and administrative staff.

In FY 2013/2014, the division responded to more than 75,000 emergency incidents with more than 86,500 responses. These responses were answered from 36 EMS stations (facility map) spread across the division's six geographic districts.​

The EMS Division consists of two primary components:

The Office of EMS Operations

It is responsible for the oversight of the division's service delivery, including emergency readiness, management of resources and equipment, and staffing. EMS Operations also evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of the division's response to emergency incidents.

The Office of EMS Training and Staff Development

It is responsible for the development of new staff members and ongoing training of our existing team members. This includes the division's Field Training Program and CPR Training in the community. EMS Training is also responsible for the development of the countywide medical treatment guidelines, a product of the Lee County Medical Care Council.