Program Overview


The primary focus of the E9-1-1 Program is in three common areas:

  • Technology
  • Service
  • Training 


The number 9-1-1 was approved by the federal government in March 1973 to be reserved as a designated number for reporting an emergency and requesting assistance. The Florida Emergency Telephone Act passed in 1974 and was adopted by the Lee County Board of Commissioners by resolution on Jan. 30, 1985. 

The Lee County Enhanced 9-1-1 System (E9-1-1) became fully functional on April 7, 1987.


The specific mission of the E9-1-1 Program is “to carry out the directives of​ the Board of the Lee County Commissioners, to accomplish the objectives of the Florida State Plan, to meet or exceed the technical and operational standards for 9-1-1 systems and to keep the Board advised of the status of the 9-1-1 Program.”

The directives of the Board have been very clear in that the E9-1-1 service is vital to our community. The objectives of the state plan have been accomplished in that Lee County provides for an operational E9-1-1 System employing the most current digital technology and operational training programs available. And in response, the board and administration have been very supportive of the E9-1-1 Program.

The Future

According to the State Division of Communications, through the year 2020, E9-1-1 organizations will be concerned about loss of revenue and about increased administrative burden. The truth of the matter is that all we can count on is change... and change is simply an opportunity to improve. The key will be in an effort not to resist these changes but to let technology work for us and not be distracted from the more important issues of doing our job.