​EMS Operations manages the response and mitigation of emergency medical calls within Lee County, ensuring there is adequate staffing, facilities, fleet, equipment and resources to handle each emergency. 

EMS Districts

Each of four geographic districts has between six and 10 EMS stations. The district supervisors, who are overseen by EMS Shift Command, ensure their staff and stations are prepared to respond 24 hours a day. Two more districts operate on a daytime, 12-hour shift schedule to cover peak hours and to assist with training needs.

EMS Stations and Movement 

Each EMS unit is assigned to a fixed station located across Lee County. These stations function as a place for the crew to conduct their daily duties and complete paperwork associated with emergency responses. 

Geographic Service Areas (GSAs)

There are times where multiple units of a portion of the County are busy handling emergency responses. The division maintains a series of Geographic Service Areas (GSAs) that prescribe the minimum coverage and positioning necessary to achieve compliance with County standards. As ambulances are needed to proportionately fill these GSAs, they move from their normal station to a standby location.

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