When calling the automated system at 239-533-8997, you will get the following menu:
  • For general permitting information, press 7
  • To schedule an inspection, press 1
  • To cancel an inspection, press 2 (see below for additional information)
  • To hear results of an inspection, press 3
  • To attach a license to a permit, press 4
  • To make a payment on a permit or to update your license, press the star key *
  • To speak with a representative, press 0
Some of Lee County’s barrier islands (Captiva, Boca Grande, etc.) have inspections performed on specific days. Please call our office at 239-533-5801 for details.

Cancellation of Scheduled Inspections

Scheduled inspections can be cancelled through the system before 5:30 a.m. the morning of the inspection. After 5:30 a.m., you must contact the office directly at 239-533-5801.

Inspection Codes​​


​​Structural Inspections:
101 Foundation/Footing
102 Floor
103 Tie Beam
104 Column/Piling
105 Rough Framing
106 Final Structural
107 Insulation​
125 Shutter Final
130 Sheathing/Straps/Engineering
140 Drainage/Grading Inspection
903 Fire Wall/Tenant Separation

Plumbing Inspections:
201 Rough Plumbing (D.W.V.)
202 2nd Plumbing (Tub Set)
203 Sewer
204 Final Plumbing
207 Solar

LP & Natural Gas Inspections:
205 Rough Gas
206 Final Gas
208 Gas Line
209 Gas Tank

Electrical Inspections:
301 Temporary Pole
302 Temporary Underground(RES TUG)
303 Service Change
304 Rough Electrical
305 Electrical Final
306 Temp/Perm Power (Commercial)
308 House Meter Only (Commercial)
310 Temp Overhead (RES TOH)

Mechanical Inspections:
401 Rough A/C
402 A/C Final
403 Refrigeration
404 Hood

​​Roofing Inspections:
501 Roof Dry In
502 Roof In Process (concrete tile)
503 Roof Final

MH/RV/Construction Trailer:
113 RV Tie Down

Pool/Fountain Inspections:
101 Pool Retaining Wall
108 Pool Steel
109 Pool Deck
119 Pool Final
304 Rough Electrical

Other Inspections:
112 Aluminum Final: Screen Room & Enclosures, Carport, Roof-over, Pan Roof, etc.
115 Awning Final
116 Demolition Final
117 Shed Final
118 Marine Final: Sea Wall, Dock, Rip Rap, etc.
120 Fence Final
121 Sign Final

Fire Inspections:
902* Fire Final (Sprinklers, Paint Booths, Suppression, Alarms, Monitoring, etc.

906* Rough Fire
*Fire inspections are a two-step process. Please call the automated system at 239-533-8997 to generate a fire ticket then contact your local fire department to make arrangements with them to perform the inspection. For more information, call 239-533-5801 or view listing of fire districts​.