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Effective October 7, 2015, the Village of Estero is accepting applications for the following services in the incorporated area:

  • Planning
  • Zoning
  • Development Review
  • Code Compliance

Applicants are encouraged to use county forms at this time; however, they must be submitted directly to the Village offices located at 21500 Three Oaks Parkway (Estero Fire District building).

All other services will continue to be handled through our office at this time.

​​​​​Building & Permitting Services​

  • ​Commercial
  • Residential​
  • Dock and Shoreline
  • Other

​Code Enforcement​

  • Lien Mitigation Request

Comprehensive Planning

  • Long-Range Planning
  • Transfer of Development Rights
  • Historic Preservation
  • Housing
  • Bonus Density

​Contractor Licensing

  • Certificate of Competency
  • Change of Status (Activate License, Change Company Name)
  • Inactive Status
  • Journeyman Certificate of Competency
  • Verification of Construction Experience
  • User/Contractor Agreement Authorization Letter

Development Review

  • Development Orders
  • Limited Review Development Orders
  • Mining Development Orders
  • Plats and Vacations
  • Informal/Pre-Application Meeting Request

​Environmental Sciences

  • Land Clearing


  • Administrative Variances and Amendments
  • Public Hearing
    • Variance
    • Special Exception
    • Conventional Rezoning
    • Planned Development