Mailing: P.O. Box 398
Fort Myers, FL 33902

Contractors wishing to perform work or contract to perform work within Unincorporated Lee County must be in compliance with:​

​​​​Florida Statute Chapter 489 ​Lee County Administrative Code 12-6
Lee County Ordinance 00-26Lee County Tax Collector​
T​o perform work in unincorporated Lee County, contractors must have a state-issued license OR a Certificate of Competency (a.k.a. local license), which is subject to an application and issuance through Lee County. A contractor must also have a current Certificate of Insurance for liability and workers' compensation and/or a current workers' compensation exemption status with the State of Florida.​ 

​"Go Green!" Review Lee Count​y's 'Green' options for obtaining permits. These options allow contractors to handle permitting transactions from the comfort of their home or office. Get more information​.


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