​​​​​​​​New / Continued ​Hearings​​ ​COMPLIANCE REVIEW​ ​Mitigation Hearings​

The agendas include all scheduled hearings which are subject to change.

If a code violation is not abated within the time allotted b
y the Code Enforcement Department, the case may be scheduled before the Lee County Hearing Examiner. The Hearing Examiner has the authority to impose fines, which may result in a lien being filed against the owner of the property. 

To request the mitigation of a code enforcement lien resulting from an Order by the Lee County Hearing Examiner, complete​ and submit the form below. This form may only be used if the violation has been corrected. Liens resulting from Lot Mowing, Lot Clean Up, Pool Securing, Unsafe Building Demo and Unsafe Building Securing CANNOT be mitigated.