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Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling

Ordinance 07-25 requires contractors and homeowners to divert debris materials from landfilling in the form of salvaging, re-using, and recycling. The Solid Waste Division is available to guide you in this endeavor.


What You Need To Know

Who Is Responsible?

The Ordinance applies to "covered" projects, which are defined as any project for which a building, demolition, or other similar permit is required by County Ordinance.

Projects are required to divert 50 percent of the debris generated by the project. Projects requiring only mechanical, electrical or plumbing are excluded and may request an exemption. Other minimum criteria:

  • Residential and Commercial construction greater than $90,000 in value
  • Alterations greater than $10,000 in value
  • Roofing projects requiring old roofing removal

How to Meet the Requirements of the Ordinance?

Please complete, sign and return the Recycling Certification Form, Material Handling Worksheet and copies of all disposal tickets to the Solid Waste Division. You may return the forms via fax 239-533-8025 or by scanning and emailing the forms to .  

Complete the Material Handling Worksheet:

Record the volume or weight of the materials generated during the project. This may include concrete, wood, drywall, cardboard, metal or mixed debris. Record this information on the worksheet using the following information.

    • Total the tonnages on your debris tickets and write the total in column "A" next to *Mixed Debris (the last material in the first column). 
    • Next, divide your total in half (each of the approved facilities demonstrate to us via monthly reporting that at least 50 percent of all debris disposed of there, by weight, is diverted from land filling) and write whatever half of your total tonnage is in column "C" (Recycled) and the other half in column "D" (Disposed).
    • In column "E" fill in the name of the facility.
    • At the bottom, to the far right of the diversion calculation, write "50%" in the box. 

Complete the Recycling Certification Form:   

  • Fill in your permit number, site address, contact name and phone number at the top of the form. 
  • For the check boxes in the middle, check the first two "yes" and the second two "no." 
  • At the bottom of the page, sign and print your name, state your title and date the form. 
  • At the bottom right, there is a space for a corporate seal. If you have a seal, please place here. If you are an owner/builder and don’t have a corporate seal, please disregard.

If you used an approved commingled materials facility for recycling, these general instructions will allow you to meet the requirements for demonstrating compliance with the C&D Recycling Ordinance. If you do not use an approved commingled materials facility or there are other variables applicable to your project, or you have any questions, please contact the Solid Waste Division at 239-533-8000 for assistance.

NOTE: Submission of falsified or inaccurate information with the certification statement is subject to perjury and will be subject to a fine in the amount of three times the Diversion Fee for the project plus any other legal proceedings up to and including criminal prosecution.

What If I Can't Divert Enough Debris?

Unless you were granted a waiver reducing the diversion percentage, a Diversion Fee will be assessed based on the type and size of the project.

Download a copy of the Ordinance.

Download a copy of C & D Recycling Brochure.