​Lee County Solid Waste rates are calculated to recover the cost of providing solid waste collection, disposal and recycling services to its customers.

​Residential annual assessment rates per single family unit*
​(Unincorporated lee county, bonita springs, Fort myers Beach) ​
​Service Area 1​Bonita Springs, Town of Fort Myers Beach$195.21
​Service Area 2​South Fort Myers - West, Iona/McGregor, Captiva​$183.83
​Service Area 3​South Fort Myers - East, San Carlos Park, Villas​$211.46
​Service Area 4​East, Lehigh Acres, Alva​$203.04
​Service Area 5​Pine Island, North Fort Myers​$227.96
​Service Area 6​Boca Grande​$193.44
​Service Area 7​Outer Islands

​$  16.37

*​Ratepayers can realize a 4 percent discount by using the tax collector's early payment procedure. ​ ​

​Annual special assessment rates per unit for the fixed charges

for Lee County Solid Waste Disposal facilities ​ ​

1. ​Incorporated Residential (per unit)​$13.87
2. ​Multi-family Residential (per unit)​$12.83
​3. Recreational Vehicle (RV) Parks (per lot)​$  2.08
​4. Business and Institutions (per square ft.):
    Generation Category A​$0.00441
​    Generation Category B​$0.01508
​    Generation Category C​$0.02572
    Generation Category D$0.09405​
    Generation Category​ E$0.18810​
5. ​MSTU (Cape Coral) Millage ​  0.1602 mills
​Note: An administrative billing charge of $2.50 per account will be added to the assessments for properties 1 - 4.
FY 16-17 Fees and rates for lee county solid waste facilities​ ​
​MSW Tipping Fee (with Disposal Facility Assessment)​$54.10/ton
​MSW Gate Fee ​$37.45/ton


Rates are reviewed annually by Lee County Board of County Commissioners and became effective on Oct. 1 of each year with the adoption of a Resolution. View the approved FY16-17 Rate Resolution

A solid waste revenue sufficiency and rate study was performed on the Solid Waste Division in 2017.