2011/2012 Regular Amendment Cycle

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Current Status - Effective
This is a request for a future land use map amendment from Density Reduction/Groundwater Resources (DR/GR) & Wetlands to Sub-Outlying Suburban, Wetland Conservation & Upland Conservation. Also requested is a Lee Plan text amendment to Lee Plan Table 1(b), Year 2030 Allocations, and amendments to Maps 6 & 7, Water and Wastewater Utility Service Areas.

Current Status - Withdrawn
This case was deemed withdrawn on 5-11-16 due to inactivity. This is a request for a text amendment to allow multi-family in the Tradeport future land use category east of Airport Haul Road and south of Airport Road.

Current Status - Denied
This is a request to amend Map 1 of the Future Land Use Map Series to change the future land use category of a 394-acre property on Fiddlesticks Boulevard from Rural and Wetlands to Outlying Suburban. The property is located east of the south end of Fiddlesticks Boulevard and West of I-75 in the Daniels Parkway Planning Community.