North Olga is a rural, agricultural-based community located along the north shores of the Caloosahatchee River in Northeast Lee County between SR 31 and Bob Janes Preserve. With Alva, it comprises the Northeast Lee County Planning Community. Community planning efforts aim to protect its rural community character by supporting a strong agricultural industry, protecting its natural resources, and providing for a variety of rural housing options.
  • Lee Plan Goal 29 promotes and supports North Olga’s unique rural character, heritage, economy, and quality of life. 
  • Lee Plan Goal 27 unites North Olga and Alva communities to support their rural character and agricultural-based lifestyle.
  • The Land Development Code (Chapter 33, Article X) supports the community's character and lifestyle by considering appropriate land development practices and standards.

Community Project Presentations:

The owner or agent applying for the following types of county approvals must conduct one public informational session within both the North Olga and Alva community plan areas prior to obtaining a finding of sufficiency.
  • Planned development
  • Conventional rezoning, special exception or variance
  • Lee Plan Amendment
For additional information on meeting requirements, please see Lee Plan Goal 27 and Goal 29 and Land Development Code Section 33-1663.


Additional Information: