ApprovedThe request (action item) has been approved.
CompletedThe tasks identified have been completed.
ContinuedThe case has been continued to be heard at a future date. See "HEX Public Hearing - Continued" activity target for new hearing date. If this continuance requires additional public notice be given, you will see a subsequent "Notice of Public Hearing" activity.
Decision PendingThe public hearing with the Hearing Examiner has been concluded and a final decision is pending.  See  "HEX Decision Rendered" activity for target date.
DeferredThe tentative hearing date has been deferred to a later date than originally planned. No formal advertisement has taken place.
DeniedThe application/review has been denied; further action is required.
DoneThe item has been completed.
InsufficientThe major case issues have not yet been resolved and additional items and or review is necessary. See "Additional Info Submitted" activity to confirm a response has been received by applicant.  
Not ApplicableThe item is not required for this application.
ReceivedInformation has been received by our office and has been forwarded for processing.
Received after SufficiencyAdditional information has been received after the case has been found sufficient. 
RemandedThe Hearing Examiner has remanded the case back to Staff for further review and a new hearing date will be established and notice provided to the public. See a subsequent "Establish HEX Date" activity. 
RescindedFinal decision has been voided.
ScheduledThe case has been scheduled. A hearing date has been established. See "Establish HEX Date" activity for the scheduled date.
SufficientThe review has been completed and the case is ready to be scheduled for public hearing.  See "Establish HEX Date" activity for further info.
WithdrawnThe zoning case has been withdrawn; no further action may take place on this application