APPApprovedThis indicates that the Lee County Licensing Board has approved an applicant's eligibility for a Certificate of Competency.
CLSCase ClosedThe case has been closed and no further action may take place on this record.
EXPExpiredYour Certificate of Competency has expired.
INAInactiveThis indicates that the license holder has requested their license to be place in a voluntary inactive status.
ISSIssuedYour Certificate of Competency has been issued.  You will receive a copy of your Competency card by mail if you have recently renewed your Certificate of Competency.
PRBProbationThis status indicates the applicant has been issued a probationary Certificate of Competency.
RECReceivedYour application has been submitted for review and is currently waiting further processing.  
REGRegisteredThis indicates that a State Licensed Contractor has registered to do work in Lee County.
SPNSponsorshipThis indicates that Lee County has sponsored the applicant for a Licensing Exam.
If you have any questions regarding an LIC case please contact Contractor Licensing at 239-533-8314 or email them at ​ ​