​​​Documents are available from January 2010 to Current for all committees except BPAC which are available from January 2012 to Current. Click on the committee name below to access documents for that committee.

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​Affordable Housing Committee (AHC)
​Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC​)
​Bo​ca Grande Historic Preservation Board (BGHPB)
​Building Industry Oversight Committee (BIOC)
​Executive Regulatory Oversight Committee (EROC)
Eagle Technical Advisory Committee (ETAC)
​Lee County Historic Preservation Board (LCHPB)
​Land Development Code Advisory Committee (LDCAC)
Local Planning Agency (LPA)

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Document Type# of PagesMeeting DateDescriptionCommittee
Miscellaneous Documents 111/13/2018From Steve Lewis & Tom TrettisETAC
Affidavit 111/13/2018 ETAC
Audio Recording 111/13/2018 ETAC
Entire Packet 1411/13/2018 ETAC
Sign In Sheet 111/13/2018 ETAC
Minutes 310/09/2018 ETAC
Audio Recording 110/09/2018 ETAC
Entire Packet 310/09/2018 ETAC
Minutes 305/15/2018 ETAC
Miscellaneous Documents 405/15/2018Myers nest observationsETAC
Audio Recording 105/15/2018 ETAC
Entire Packet 605/15/2018 ETAC
Minutes 504/10/2018 ETAC
Sign In Sheet 104/10/2018 ETAC
Entire Packet 1604/10/2018 ETAC
Audio Recording 104/10/2018 ETAC
Approved Minutes 401/09/2018 ETAC
Affidavit 101/09/2018 ETAC
Agenda 101/09/2018 ETAC
Audio Recording 101/09/2018 ETAC
Backup 301/09/2018 ETAC
Entire Packet 1001/09/2018 ETAC
Minutes 611/14/2017 ETAC
Entire Packet 711/14/2017 ETAC
Affidavit 111/14/2017 ETAC
Backup 111/14/2017Ed Elms ReportETAC
Backup 311/14/2017Mike Myers ReportETAC
Audio Recording 111/14/2017 ETAC
Miscellaneous Documents 110/10/2017cancellation & info emailETAC
Backup 1208/24/2017LE-072 Mgmt PlanETAC
Approved Minutes 308/24/2017 ETAC
Entire Packet 1508/24/2017 ETAC
Audio Recording 108/24/2017 ETAC
Sign In Sheet 108/24/2017 ETAC
Backup 405/09/2017 ETAC
Entire Packet 405/09/2017 ETAC
Minutes 205/09/2017 ETAC
Entire Packet 1204/11/2017 ETAC
Agenda 104/11/2017 ETAC
Backup 804/11/2017FWC 4/19/17 MemoETAC
Backup 204/11/2017FWC background report 4/19-20, 2017ETAC
Sign In Sheet 104/11/2017 ETAC
Minutes 301/10/2017 ETAC
Backup 801/10/2017 ETAC
Audio Recording 101/10/2017 ETAC
Entire Packet 1001/10/2017 ETAC
Approved Minutes 110/11/2016 ETAC
Audio Recording 110/11/2016 ETAC
Entire Packet 1110/11/2016 ETAC
Approved Minutes 209/13/2016 ETAC
Entire Packet 2709/13/2016 ETAC
Sign In Sheet 109/13/2016 ETAC
Audio Recording 109/13/2016 ETAC
Approved Minutes 205/25/2016 ETAC
Sign In Sheet 105/25/2016 ETAC
Entire Packet 1405/25/2016 ETAC
Audio Recording 105/25/2016 ETAC
Entire Packet 1405/25/2016 ETAC
Approved Minutes 305/10/2016 ETAC
Audio Recording 105/10/2016 ETAC
Entire Packet 405/10/2016 ETAC
Audio Recording 102/16/2016 ETAC
Entire Packet 2402/16/2016 ETAC
Approved Minutes 302/16/2016 ETAC
Approved Minutes 212/08/2015 ETAC
Audio Recording 112/08/2015 ETAC
Entire Packet 412/08/2015 ETAC
Approved Minutes 311/10/2015 ETAC
Audio Recording 111/10/2015Partial (1st few minutes did not record)ETAC
Entire Packet 1111/10/2015 ETAC
Approved Minutes 207/14/2015 ETAC
Audio Recording 107/14/2015 ETAC
Sign In Sheet 107/14/2015 ETAC
Entire Packet 6807/14/2015 ETAC
Audio Recording 104/14/2015 ETAC
Approved Minutes 304/14/2015 ETAC
Entire Packet 1004/14/2015 ETAC
Audio Recording 102/16/2015 ETAC
Entire Packet 2402/16/2015 ETAC
Audio Recording 101/13/2015 ETAC
Approved Minutes 301/13/2015 ETAC
Entire Packet 401/13/2015 ETAC
Audio Recording 112/09/2014 ETAC
Approved Minutes 312/09/2014 ETAC
Sign In Sheet 112/09/2014 ETAC
Entire Packet 1812/09/2014 ETAC
Audio Recording 111/12/2014 ETAC
Approved Minutes 311/12/2014 ETAC
Sign In Sheet 111/12/2014 ETAC
Entire Packet 311/12/2014 ETAC
Approved Minutes 209/09/2014 ETAC
Entire Packet 109/09/2014 ETAC
Audio Recording 105/13/2014 ETAC
Approved Minutes 105/13/2014 ETAC
Entire Packet 105/13/2014 ETAC
Audio Recording 104/08/2014 ETAC
Approved Minutes 104/08/2014 ETAC
Entire Packet 104/08/2014 ETAC
Entire Packet 104/08/2014AgendaETAC
Audio Recording 102/11/2014 ETAC
Approved Minutes 402/11/2014 ETAC
Entire Packet 1502/11/2014 ETAC
Audio Recording 101/14/2014 ETAC
Approved Minutes 301/14/2014 ETAC
Entire Packet 701/14/2014 ETAC
Audio Recording 110/08/2013 ETAC
Entire Packet 510/08/2013AgendaETAC
Approved Minutes 310/08/2013Approved MinutesETAC
Audio Recording 109/10/2013Meeting 9-10-13ETAC
Entire Packet 409/10/2013 ETAC
Approved Minutes 305/14/2013Approved on 9/10/13ETAC
Entire Packet 701/08/2013 ETAC
Audio Recording 101/08/2013 ETAC
Approved Minutes 611/14/2012 ETAC
Entire Packet 8811/14/2012 ETAC
Audio Recording 111/14/2012 ETAC
Audio Recording 110/09/2012 ETAC
Entire Packet 3210/09/2012 ETAC
Audio Recording 105/09/2012 ETAC
Audio Recording 102/14/2012 ETAC
Audio Recording 102/14/2012 ETAC
Entire Packet 1402/14/2012 ETAC
Entire Packet 1312/13/2011 ETAC
Entire Packet 1310/11/2011 ETAC
Entire Packet 1310/11/2011 ETAC
Entire Packet 511/09/2010 ETAC
Entire Packet 310/12/2010 ETAC
Backup 105/11/2010Shell Point new bald eagle nest mapETAC
Entire Packet 103/09/2010 ETAC
Entire Packet 403/09/2010 ETAC
Agenda 103/09/2010 ETAC
Affidavit 103/09/2010Meeting NoticeETAC
Approved Minutes 402/09/2010 ETAC
Entire Packet 402/09/2010 ETAC
Sign In Sheet 102/09/2010 ETAC
Agenda 102/09/2010 ETAC