​​​Documents are available from January 2010 to Current for all committees except BPAC which are available from January 2012 to Current. Click on the committee name below to access documents for that committee.

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​Affordable Housing Committee (AHC)
​Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC​)
​Bo​ca Grande Historic Preservation Board (BGHPB)
​Building Industry Oversight Committee (BIOC)
​Executive Regulatory Oversight Committee (EROC)
Eagle Technical Advisory Committee (ETAC)
​Lee County Historic Preservation Board (LCHPB)
​Land Development Code Advisory Committee (LDCAC)
Local Planning Agency (LPA)

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Document Type# of PagesMeeting DateDescriptionCommittee
Affidavit 210/11/2018 BIOC
Audio Recording 110/11/2018 BIOC
Entire Packet 410/11/2018 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 110/11/2018 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 510/11/2018Rev/Exp ReportsBIOC
Approved Minutes 308/09/2018Approved 10-11-18BIOC
Entire Packet 508/09/2018 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 508/09/2018Fiscal ReportsBIOC
Audio Recording 108/09/2018 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 108/09/2018 BIOC
Affidavit 208/09/2018 BIOC
Approved Minutes 306/14/2018 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 506/14/2018Rev/Exp Reports DistributedBIOC
Sign In Sheet 106/14/2018 BIOC
Affidavit 206/14/2018 BIOC
Entire Packet 306/14/2018 BIOC
Approved Minutes 204/12/2018 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 504/12/2018Fiscal ReportsBIOC
Affidavit 204/12/2018 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 104/12/2018 BIOC
Entire Packet 404/12/2018 BIOC
Audio Recording 102/09/2018 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 502/09/2018Fiscal Reports DistributedBIOC
Approved Minutes 302/08/2018 BIOC
Audio Recording 102/08/2018 BIOC
Affidavit 202/08/2018 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 102/08/2018 BIOC
Entire Packet 302/08/2018 BIOC
Approved Minutes 211/09/2017 BIOC
Affidavit 210/12/2017 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 510/12/2017Fiscal ReportsBIOC
Entire Packet 510/12/2017 BIOC
Audio Recording 110/12/2017 BIOC
Approved Minutes 410/12/2017approved on 10/12/17BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 606/08/2017Rev/Exp & fiscal reportsBIOC
Sign In Sheet 106/08/2017 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 106/08/2017 BIOC
Affidavit 206/08/2017 BIOC
Audio Recording 106/08/2017 BIOC
Audio Recording 104/13/2017 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 102/09/2017 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 502/09/2017Budget Reports DistributedBIOC
Entire Packet 402/09/2017 BIOC
Audio Recording 102/09/2017 BIOC
Affidavit 202/09/2017 BIOC
Approved Minutes 312/08/2016approved 2/9/17BIOC
Sign In Sheet 112/08/2016 BIOC
Affidavit 212/08/2016 BIOC
Entire Packet 312/08/2016 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 512/08/2016Rev/Exp ReportsBIOC
Audio Recording 112/08/2016 BIOC
Approved Minutes 210/13/2016 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 110/13/2016 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 510/13/2016Rev Exp Reports Sept 2016BIOC
Entire Packet 310/13/2016PacketBIOC
Affidavit 210/13/2016Oct AffidavitBIOC
Approved Minutes 208/11/2016Minutes approved at 10132016BIOC
Audio Recording 108/11/2016 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 708/11/2016Rev/Exp ReportsBIOC
Sign In Sheet 108/11/2016 BIOC
Affidavit 208/11/2016 BIOC
Entire Packet 408/11/2016 BIOC
Approved Minutes 306/16/2016approved at 8-11-16 meetingBIOC
Affidavit 206/16/2016 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 1706/16/2016Rev/Exp & Misc ReportsBIOC
Sign In Sheet 106/16/2016 BIOC
Entire Packet 306/16/2016 BIOC
Audio Recording 106/16/2016 BIOC
Approved Minutes 204/14/2016Approved on 6-16-16BIOC
Audio Recording 104/14/2016 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 504/14/2016Rev/Exp Reports DistributedBIOC
Entire Packet 404/14/2016 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 104/14/2016 BIOC
Affidavit 204/14/2016 BIOC
Approved Minutes 302/11/2016Approved on Apr142016BIOC
Approved Minutes 302/11/2016Approved at 4-14-16 MtgBIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 702/11/2016Rev/Exp Reports & Other InfoBIOC
Sign In Sheet 102/11/2016 BIOC
Affidavit 202/11/2016 BIOC
Audio Recording 102/11/2016 BIOC
Entire Packet 402/11/2016 BIOC
Approved Minutes 312/10/2015approved on 2/11/16BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 212/10/2015SCHEDULE CHANGEBIOC
Sign In Sheet 112/10/2015 BIOC
Affidavit 112/10/2015 BIOC
Audio Recording 112/10/2015 BIOC
Entire Packet 312/10/2015 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 412/10/2015Rev/Exp ReportsBIOC
Approved Minutes 210/08/2015 BIOC
Approved Minutes 210/08/2015Approved 12/10/15BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 410/08/2015Rev/Exp Reports DistributedBIOC
Affidavit 210/08/2015 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 110/08/2015 BIOC
Audio Recording 110/08/2015 BIOC
Entire Packet 410/08/2015 BIOC
Approved Minutes 308/13/2015Approved 10-08-2015BIOC
Backup 708/13/2015Financial Reports & Proposed BudgetBIOC
Sign In Sheet 108/13/2015 BIOC
Audio Recording 108/13/2015 BIOC
Affidavit 208/13/2015 BIOC
Entire Packet 408/13/2015 BIOC
Approved Minutes 306/25/2015approved on 8/13/15BIOC
Audio Recording 106/25/2015 BIOC
Backup 506/25/2015Rev/Expense & fund balance reportsBIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 206/25/2015May inspection reportBIOC
Entire Packet 406/25/2015 BIOC
Affidavit 206/25/2015Affidavit of PostingBIOC
Sign In Sheet 106/25/2015 BIOC
Approved Minutes 304/09/2015approved at 6/25/15 meetingBIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 404/09/2015Inspection ReportsBIOC
Audio Recording 104/09/2015 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 504/09/2015Rev/Exp ReportsBIOC
Affidavit 204/09/2015 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 104/09/2015 BIOC
Entire Packet 304/09/2015 BIOC
Approved Minutes 202/12/20152/12/15 approved on 4/9/15BIOC
Sign In Sheet 102/12/2015 BIOC
Affidavit 202/12/2015 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 502/12/2015Rev/Exp Reports Distr. 2-12-15BIOC
Entire Packet 402/12/2015 BIOC
Audio Recording 102/12/2015 BIOC
Approved Minutes 312/11/2014Approved on 2-12-15BIOC
Affidavit 212/11/2014 BIOC
Audio Recording 112/11/2014 BIOC
Entire Packet 412/11/201412/11/14BIOC
Backup 512/11/2014Fiscal Reports Distributed 12-11-14BIOC
Sign In Sheet 112/11/2014 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 110/09/2014 BIOC
Approved Minutes 110/09/2014approved at 12/11/14 meetingBIOC
Audio Recording 110/09/2014 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 810/09/2014Fiscal Reports Distributed 10-9-14BIOC
Sign In Sheet 110/09/201410-9-14BIOC
Affidavit 210/09/201410-9-14BIOC
Entire Packet 510/09/2014 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 108/14/2014 BIOC
Approved Minutes 108/14/2014Minutes approved on 10/9/14BIOC
Backup 508/14/2014Financial Reports DistributedBIOC
Affidavit 208/14/2014 BIOC
Entire Packet 408/14/2014 BIOC
Audio Recording 108/14/2014MP3BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 106/13/2014CancellationBIOC
Affidavit 204/10/2014BIOC Affidavit 4-10-14BIOC
Sign In Sheet 104/10/20144-10-14 BIOCBIOC
Audio Recording 104/10/20144-10-14 BIOC MeetingBIOC
Approved Minutes 304/10/2014Minutes approved on 8/14/14BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 504/10/20144-10-14 HandoutsBIOC
Entire Packet 404/10/2014 BIOC
Approved Minutes 302/13/2014Feb 13 2014 Meeting MinutesBIOC
Audio Recording 102/13/2014 BIOC
Affidavit 202/13/2014 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 102/13/2014 BIOC
Backup 502/13/2014Reports DistributedBIOC
Entire Packet 402/13/2014 BIOC
Affidavit 210/10/2013 BIOC
Approved Minutes 310/10/2013approved at 2/13/14 mtgBIOC
Sign In Sheet 110/10/2013 BIOC
Audio Recording 110/10/2013MP3BIOC
Entire Packet 310/10/2013 BIOC
Backup 410/10/2013Handouts Distribution 10-10-13BIOC
Entire Packet 408/08/2013 BIOC
Approved Minutes 208/08/2013Approved on 10-10-13BIOC
Affidavit 208/08/2013Affidavit & Attorney ReviewBIOC
Audio Recording 108/08/2013Meeting 8-8-13BIOC
Sign In Sheet 108/08/2013August 8 2013 Sign In SheetBIOC
Backup 408/08/2013Fiscal ReportsBIOC
Affidavit 102/14/2013BIOC 2-14-13BIOC
Sign In Sheet 102/14/2013BIOC 2-14-13BIOC
Approved Minutes 302/14/2013Approved Minutes 2-14-13BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 402/14/2013Handouts @ 2-14-13 MtgBIOC
Audio Recording 102/14/2013MP3 2-14-13BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 112/13/2012CancellationBIOC
Audio Recording 111/08/2012Recording 11-8-12 BIOCBIOC
Approved Minutes 211/08/2012Meeting MinutesBIOC
Affidavit 211/08/2012Affidavit of Posting 11-8-12BIOC
Backup 411/08/2012Reports Distributed 11-8-12BIOC
Sign In Sheet 111/08/2012Sign In Sheet 11-8-12BIOC
Entire Packet 411/08/2012Meeting Packet 11-8-12BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 110/11/2012CancellationBIOC
Approved Minutes 308/23/20128-23-12 Minutes approved 11-8-12BIOC
Audio Recording 108/23/201232:31BIOC
Entire Packet 308/23/20128/23/12 Meeting PacketBIOC
Backup 408/23/2012Backup Distributed 8-23-12BIOC
Sign In Sheet 108/23/20128/23/12 Sign in sheetBIOC
Affidavit 208/23/2012AffidavitBIOC
Sign In Sheet 106/14/2012June 2012 Sign In SheetBIOC
Approved Minutes 206/14/2012 BIOC
Audio Recording 106/14/2012 BIOC
Affidavit 206/14/2012June 2012 Affidavit & ApprovalBIOC
Entire Packet 306/14/2012June 2012 Meeting PacketBIOC
Backup 606/14/2012June 2012 Rev/Exp Reports EtcBIOC
Entire Packet 304/12/2012 BIOC
Approved Minutes 204/12/2012April 2012 Approved MinutesBIOC
Audio Recording 104/12/2012 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 104/12/2012 BIOC
Backup 404/12/2012March Rev/Exp Reports DistributedBIOC
Affidavit 204/12/2012Affidavit & ApprovalBIOC
Backup 402/09/2012Handouts 2-9-12 BIOCBIOC
Entire Packet 402/09/2012 BIOC
Audio Recording 102/09/201230:41BIOC
Sign In Sheet 102/09/2012 BIOC
Approved Minutes 202/09/2012 BIOC
Affidavit 202/09/2012Affidavit & ApprovalBIOC
Agenda 112/08/2011 BIOC
Affidavit 112/08/2011 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 112/08/2011 BIOC
Approved Minutes 312/08/2011 BIOC
Audio Recording 112/08/2011MP3 recordingBIOC
Backup 512/08/2011Rev-Exp Reports Dist 12-8-11BIOC
Approved Minutes 210/13/2011 BIOC
Affidavit 110/13/2011 BIOC
Agenda 110/13/2011 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 110/13/2011 BIOC
Audio Recording 110/13/2011MP3BIOC
Backup 410/13/2011Rev Exp Reports Distr 10-13-11BIOC
Sign In Sheet 108/11/2011 BIOC
Affidavit 108/11/2011 BIOC
Approved Minutes 208/11/2011 BIOC
Agenda 108/11/2011 BIOC
Backup 408/11/2011Rev/Exp Reports Aug 2011BIOC
Entire Packet 406/09/2011 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 106/09/2011 BIOC
Approved Minutes 306/09/2011 BIOC
Audio Recording 106/09/2011MP-3 FileBIOC
Backup 606/09/2011Handouts - May Rev/Exp ReportsBIOC
Affidavit 206/09/2011Affidavit & CAO AdviceBIOC
Entire Packet 404/14/2011 BIOC
Affidavit 204/14/2011 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 104/14/2011 BIOC
Approved Minutes 304/14/2011 BIOC
Backup 404/14/2011Rev Exp Reports Distr 4-14-11BIOC
Audio Recording 104/14/2011MP-3 FileBIOC
Entire Packet 302/10/2011 BIOC
Agenda 102/10/2011 BIOC
Affidavit 202/10/2011 BIOC
Approved Minutes 302/10/2011 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 102/10/2011 BIOC
Audio Recording 102/10/2011MP-3 FileBIOC
Backup 402/10/2011January 2011 ReportsBIOC
Audio Recording 112/09/2010 BIOC
Approved Minutes 212/09/2010 BIOC
Affidavit 112/09/2010 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 112/09/2010 BIOC
Agenda 112/09/2010 BIOC
Audio Recording 112/09/2010MP-3 FileBIOC
Backup 412/09/2010November ReportsBIOC
Audio Recording 110/14/2010MP-3BIOC
Entire Packet 410/14/2010 BIOC
Approved Minutes 110/14/2010 BIOC
Affidavit 110/14/2010 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 110/14/2010 BIOC
Backup 610/14/201010-14-10 HandoutsBIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 109/09/2010CancellationBIOC
Entire Packet 608/12/2010 BIOC
Audio Recording 108/12/2010 BIOC
Approved Minutes 308/12/2010 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 108/12/2010 BIOC
Affidavit 208/12/2010 BIOC
Backup 908/12/2010Aug 2010 Meeting HandoutsBIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 107/08/2010CancellationBIOC
Affidavit 206/10/2010 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 106/10/2010 BIOC
Agenda 106/10/2010 BIOC
Approved Minutes 306/10/2010 BIOC
Backup 406/10/2010May Reports Distributed 6-10-10BIOC
Affidavit 205/13/2010 BIOC
Approved Minutes 305/13/2010 BIOC
Audio Recording 105/13/2010 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 105/13/2010 BIOC
Agenda 105/13/2010 BIOC
Backup 505/13/2010April Budget Reports & BackupBIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 104/08/2010CANCELEDBIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 503/11/2010Handouts distributed 3-11-10BIOC
Sign In Sheet 103/11/2010 BIOC
Entire Packet 103/11/2010 BIOC
Audio Recording 103/11/2010 BIOC
Approved Minutes 303/11/2010 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 102/11/2010CANCELEDBIOC
Entire Packet 101/14/2010 BIOC
Approved Minutes 301/14/2010Approved Minutes 1/14/10BIOC
Audio Recording 101/14/2010 BIOC
Sign In Sheet 101/14/2010 BIOC
Affidavit 101/14/2010 BIOC
Backup 701/14/2010Jan 2010 Meeting HandoutsBIOC
Approved Minutes 412/10/2009 BIOC
Entire Packet 1612/10/2009 BIOC
Entire Packet 1811/12/2009 BIOC
Entire Packet 1610/08/2009 BIOC
Entire Packet 1909/10/2009 BIOC
Entire Packet 1608/13/2009 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 107/09/2009CANCEL NOTICEBIOC
Entire Packet 1206/11/2009 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 105/14/2009CANCEL NOTICEBIOC
Entire Packet 2104/09/2009 BIOC
Entire Packet 2103/12/2009 BIOC
Entire Packet 1802/12/2009 BIOC
Entire Packet 1401/08/2009 BIOC
Entire Packet 1512/11/2008 BIOC
Entire Packet 2511/13/2008 BIOC
Entire Packet 1510/16/2008 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 1109/04/2008CANCELLATIONBIOC
Entire Packet 1408/07/2008 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 107/03/2008CANCELLATIONBIOC
Entire Packet 1406/05/2008 BIOC
Entire Packet 1305/08/2008 BIOC
Entire Packet 1304/03/2008 BIOC
Entire Packet 1503/08/2008 BIOC
Entire Packet 1202/07/2008 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 101/01/2008CANCELLATIONBIOC
Entire Packet 1212/13/2007 BIOC
Entire Packet 1411/08/2007 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 310/18/2007CancellationBIOC
Entire Packet 3109/20/2007 BIOC
Entire Packet 1608/16/2007 BIOC
Entire Packet 1507/19/2007 BIOC
Entire Packet 1605/17/2007 BIOC
Entire Packet 1204/19/2007 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 103/15/2007CancellationBIOC
Entire Packet 4102/15/2007 BIOC
Entire Packet 1301/18/2007 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 112/14/2006CancellationBIOC
Entire Packet 1211/09/2006 BIOC
Entire Packet 1010/12/2006 BIOC
Entire Packet 1109/14/2006 BIOC
Entire Packet 1708/17/2006 BIOC
Entire Packet 2207/13/2006 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 5207/13/2006Add'tl Inspection Info BackupBIOC
Entire Packet 1606/08/2006 BIOC
Entire Packet 1205/11/2006 BIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 604/24/2006CAO opinion re: FeesBIOC
Miscellaneous Documents 104/13/2006CancellationBIOC
Entire Packet 1103/09/2006 BIOC
Entire Packet 1302/09/2006 BIOC
Entire Packet 1901/19/2006 BIOC
Entire Packet 101/01/20052005 ALL BIOC COMMITTEE MTGS & INFOBIOC
Entire Packet 101/01/20042004 ALL BIOC COMMITTEE MTGSBIOC
Entire Packet 101/01/20032003 ALL BIOC COMMITTEE MTGS & INFOBIOC