​​​Documents are available from January 2010 to Current for all committees except BPAC which are available from January 2012 to Current. Click on the committee name below to access documents for that committee.

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​Affordable Housing Committee (AHC)
​Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC​)
​Bo​ca Grande Historic Preservation Board (BGHPB)
​Building Industry Oversight Committee (BIOC)
​Executive Regulatory Oversight Committee (EROC)
Eagle Technical Advisory Committee (ETAC)
​Lee County Historic Preservation Board (LCHPB)
​Land Development Code Advisory Committee (LDCAC)
Local Planning Agency (LPA)

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Document Type# of PagesMeeting DateDescriptionCommittee
Affidavit 111/19/2018 AHC
Entire Packet 2111/19/2018meeting packetAHC
Sign In Sheet 109/10/2018 AHC
Entire Packet 4609/10/2018 AHC
Approved Minutes 209/10/2018 AHC
Audio Recording 109/10/2018 AHC
Affidavit 109/10/2018 AHC
Audio Recording 104/09/2018 AHC
Approved Minutes 204/09/2018Approved MinutesAHC
Affidavit 204/09/2018News Press AffidavitAHC
Entire Packet 604/09/2018Entire PacketAHC
Sign In Sheet 104/09/2018Sign In SheetAHC
Sign In Sheet 102/12/2018 AHC
Approved Minutes 402/12/2018 AHC
Entire Packet 15702/12/2018 AHC
Affidavit 202/12/2018 AHC
Audio Recording 102/12/2018 AHC
Agenda 102/12/2018 AHC
Audio Recording 101/08/2018 AHC
Entire Packet 801/08/2018 AHC
Affidavit 101/08/2018 AHC
Sign In Sheet 101/08/2018 AHC
Approved Minutes 301/08/2018 AHC
Affidavit 211/17/2017AffidavitAHC
Sign In Sheet 111/17/2017sign in sheetAHC
Approved Minutes 211/17/20175/8/17 Approved MinutesAHC
Agenda 2511/17/2017Complete AgendaAHC
Audio Recording 111/17/2017 AHC
Approved Minutes 105/08/2017 AHC
Sign In Sheet 105/08/2017 AHC
Audio Recording 105/08/2017 AHC
Affidavit 105/08/2017 AHC
Entire Packet 1305/08/2017 AHC
Sign In Sheet 103/13/2017 AHC
Entire Packet 1003/13/2017 AHC
Affidavit 203/13/2017 AHC
Audio Recording 103/13/2017 AHC
Sign In Sheet 102/13/2017 AHC
Entire Packet 802/13/2017 AHC
Affidavit 102/13/2017 AHC
Approved Minutes 102/13/2017 AHC
Audio Recording 102/13/2017 AHC
Entire Packet 6601/09/2017 AHC
Audio Recording 101/09/2017 AHC
Approved Minutes 312/15/2016 AHC
Approved Minutes 312/15/2016 AHC
Entire Packet 9912/15/2016 AHC
Audio Recording 112/15/2016 AHC
Entire Packet 11911/21/2016 AHC
Sign In Sheet 111/21/2016 AHC
Audio Recording 111/21/2016 AHC
Approved Minutes 301/27/2016 AHC
Sign In Sheet 201/27/2015 AHC
Affidavit 301/27/2015 AHC
Miscellaneous Documents 201/27/2015Conflict of Interest/J. GreenAHC
Miscellaneous Documents 201/27/2015Call to Action HandoutAHC
Entire Packet 40001/27/2015 AHC
Entire Packet 102/19/2014 AHC
Approved Minutes 402/19/2014as approved on 1/27/2015AHC
Entire Packet 102/19/2014 AHC
Audio Recording 102/19/2014 AHC
Affidavit 202/19/2014 AHC
Miscellaneous Documents 102/19/2014HandoutAHC
Sign In Sheet 102/19/2014 AHC
Entire Packet 21101/29/2014 AHC
Entire Packet 21101/29/2014 AHC
Entire Packet 23601/29/2014 AHC
Sign In Sheet 201/29/2014 AHC
Entire Packet 21201/29/2014 AHC
Approved Minutes 2301/29/2014as approved on 2/19/14AHC
Audio Recording 101/29/2014 AHC
Affidavit 106/11/2012 AHC
Audio Recording 106/08/2012 AHC
Entire Packet 5706/08/2012 AHC
Approved Minutes 310/24/2011 AHC
Entire Packet 12910/24/2011 AHC
Entire Packet 18601/24/2011 AHC
Entire Packet 25012/13/2010 AHC
Entire Packet 10111/15/2010 AHC
Entire Packet 8409/23/2010 AHC
Entire Packet 3908/18/2010 AHC
Sign In Sheet 103/02/2005 AHC
Entire Packet 11603/02/2005 AHC
Entire Packet 12602/24/2005 AHC
Agenda 102/04/2005 AHC
Sign In Sheet 102/04/2005 AHC
Approved Minutes 101/05/2005 AHC
Sign In Sheet 101/05/2005 AHC
Entire Packet 101/05/2005 AHC
Miscellaneous Documents 106/29/2004AHC MemoAHC
Agenda 106/29/2004AgendaAHC
Agenda 106/29/2004 AHC
Sign In Sheet 106/29/2004 AHC
Sign In Sheet 103/09/2004 AHC
Affidavit 103/09/2004News Press ADAHC
Document 102/16/2004Meeting noticeAHC
Miscellaneous Documents 102/16/2004Voting Conflict FormAHC
Sign In Sheet 102/16/2004Sign in SheetAHC
Approved Minutes 102/16/2004 AHC
Miscellaneous Documents 102/16/2004 AHC
Sign In Sheet 102/16/2004 AHC
Approved Minutes 102/16/2004 AHC
Agenda 102/16/2004 AHC
Sign In Sheet 102/12/2004Business Plan Sign in sheetAHC
Sign In Sheet 101/16/2004Business Plan Sign in SheetAHC
Approved Minutes 112/10/2003 AHC