​​​​​The Planning Division updates and maintains the Lee County Comprehensive Plan (Lee Plan) by:Future Land Use Map

  1. Implementing its goals, objectives, policies and standards through the zoning and development review processes, which are required to be consistent with the adopted Lee Plan.

  2. Processing Administrative interpretations of the plan limited to Single-Family residence provisions (applications are submitted to the Division of Development Services), wetland determinations, and clarifications of land use map boundaries (LUMB)​.

  3. Processing annotations of the plan as described in Lee Plan Chapter XIII.c (Legislative Interpretations of the Plan).

  4. Processing Lee Plan Amendments (both privately and publicly initiated). List of applications under review.

  5. Monitoring and evaluating the plan including requirements of F.S. 163.3191 through the Lee Plan Evaluation and Appraisal (EAR) process. The most recent EAR was adopted in 2011.

  6. Working with local groups and citizens striving to plan for the future of their community through the Community Planning process.

  7. Maintaining a current inventory of existing land uses for land within the unincorporated portions of Lee County by Planning Community​