Intended Single Source Purchase: Intended Single Source Purchase:

Date Posted: 8/15/18 to 8/23/18
Project #: SS180517MKP
Contact:   Mary Patterson
  Lee County Procurement Management
  1500 Monroe St., 4th Floor
  Fort Myers, FL 33901
The description of services intended for purchase from a sole source is posted in accordance with section 287.057(3)(c), Florida Statutes and will be posted for a minimum of 7 business days.
Commodity or Service Required: 
9-1-1 Database and MIS Management System
Lee County Public Safety is seeking to execute a single source for Essential Management Solutions 9IMS. The 9IMS system includes modules that monitor tower locations and call routing; identify issues with ANI/ALI data anomalies; generate ESRI layers to represent E911 data; and provide call statistics that satisfy state compliance and reporting requirements specific to F.S. 365.171 and FAC 60FF-6.005.
Intended Single Source:
Essential Management Solutions, LLC.
Justification for Single Source Acquisition:
The justification is based on the historical data relating to prior research, there are no other known systems that provide a similar suite of services with specificity to the State of Florida’s requirements.
Recommended Procurement Approach: 
For the reasons stated above, Lee County Procurement Management intends to utilize the Single Source Procurement method to contract with Essential Management Solutions for supplying the 9IMS system.
Respond to:
If your firm feels they have the ability to supply the above, please contact Mary Patterson, Lee County Division of Procurement @