How to Find AR Books:

1. Go to AR BookFinder.
2. Search for a book by your criteria.
3. Copy the author, title or ISBN information into the library catalog and search to see if that title is available in the Lee County Library System.

Want an AR shortcut? 

Add the AR toolbar as a browser favorite!

1. Install the library's Catalog Search Toolbar for Chrome or Firefox.
2. Go to AR Bookfinder.
3. ISBNs at the bottom of the record will now be hot links to the library catalog.
4. Click the ISBN number and it will search for that book in the library catalog.

If the first ISBN doesn't find the desired book, click on the other ISBNs listed. The toolbar can also check whether the library has books found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book-buying sites.

Note: The library doesn't offer quizzes or label its books with colors.

AR levels for some items are displayed in their records. As you can see below, the Reading Program line shows the Accelerated Reader level (1.2), the number of AR points (0.5) and quiz number (148680):

Lexile level, grade level or age level may be displayed in the Reading Level field when available. Lexile data for some titles can be found by clicking "Full Display" and "link to Novelist." The Children's Literature Comprehensive Database also contains reading-level information.