All library users must adhere to the following policies of the Lee County Library System to ensure a pleasant and safe environment for everyone who is using the library.

The Lee County Library System’s Code of Patron Conduct was designed within the framework of existing local, state and federal laws and the American Library Association (ALA) Guidelines for the Development of Policies and Procedures Regarding User Behavior and Library Usage.

Acceptable Behavior

Library users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not violate the rights of others and does not result in damage or loss of library property. The Lee County Library System expects the following of library users:

  • Respect of other’s rights of access to Library System resources
  • Appropriate use of library materials, equipment, and property, as designated in the Lee County Library System Policy for Public Internet Use, computer log-in screen and all library policies
  • Take responsibility for all personal property
  • Appropriate public attire, including shoes and shirts
  • Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children in the library and on library property
  • Silenced cell phones and no cell phone conversations while in the library
  • Bringing suitcases, duffel bags, large bags or other containers into the library is only permitted if the library user agrees that these items are subject to search when leaving the library

Unacceptable Behavior

Individuals who engage in the following unacceptable behaviors will be given a verbal warning for the first offense and will be required to leave library premises if they fail to comply.

  • Engaging in disorderly conduct and unreasonably disturbing library users or staff
  • Sleeping or the appearance of sleeping
  • Eating or drinking in non-designated areas
  • Smoking, chewing, use of e-cigarettes or dipping tobacco products
  • Soliciting, selling, campaigning, or posting notices on library property unless authorized by Library Administration or designee; petitioning or distributing leaflets except in areas specifically designated for the exercise of free speech
  • Entering the library with any animal other than a service animal that assists a library user with disabilities
  • Leaving children out of sight of a responsible caregiver at any time

Law enforcement will be called and individuals who engage in the following unacceptable behaviors will be immediately ejected from library premises. Lee County Trespass Policy AC-1-8 may also be implemented.

  • Carrying a weapon in violation of Florida Statutes 790.01 and 790.06
  • Consuming alcohol or illicit substances on library property
  • Willfully destroying library property or personal property of other library users or staff members
  • Stealing library property or personal property of other library users or staff members
  • Physically assaulting or molesting any library user or staff member
  • Exhibiting threatening, aggressive or intimidating behavior including, but not limited to, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and stalking
  • Using the library in violation of Lee County sexual predators/offender Ordinance 11-05

Printable Patron Code of Conduct

English - Patron Code of Conduct (.pdf)

Spanish - Patron Code of Conduct (.pdf)

Haitian Creole - Patron Code of Conduct (.pdf)