​The Hearing Examiners

Chief Hearing Examiner Donna Marie Collins, Esq.

  • The Chief Hearing Examiner is a contract employee who reports directly to the County Commission and serves as administrative head of the office. She is Board Certified in City, County and Local Government Law.

Deputy Hearing Examiner Amanda L. Rivera, Esq.

  •  The Deputy Hearing Examiner is a salaried employee who reports to the Chief Hearing Examiner.
    Ms. Rivera is Board Certified in City, County and Local Government Law.


The Hearing Examiners are attorneys with substantial backgrounds and expertise in land use and growth management law.

History of the Office

The Hearing Examiners Office was established in 1988 to replace the land use-related hearing functions of the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Zoning Adjustment. In 1990, the Hearing Examiners Office also replaced the Code Enforcement Board for code hearings.