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  • ​Lee County DOT has maintenance responsibilities over county-maintained roads only, but can assist you with referral to other agencies. Search County-maintained roads.

    Lee County Department of Transportation maintains all traffic signals, with the exception of those under construction, through agreements with the Florida DOT and cities

If you see a traffic signal malfunctioning or damaged or missing signs, contact DOT Traffic Operation Center at 239-533-5762.

Please call the Request for Action Hotline at 239-533-9400

or fill out the online Request for Action Form.

For flooding-related issues, use the Flooding Request for Action Form. 

To request a sidewalk or bike path please email dcdbikeped@leegov.com

or call 239-533-8585. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


Please note: We are not affiliated with and do not monitor any other RFA applications or websites (SeeClickFix, FixMyStreet, etc.).


If you see a potential hazard on our roadways, it is important that we address these issues as soon as possible.

 What is the nature of your Request for Action?

  • Drainage issue with culvert or swale
  • Pothole or pavement drop-off
  • Street sweeping
  • Vegetation obstructing line of sight (sight distance)
  • Right of way mowing
  • Right of way landscaping
  • Traffic signal malfunction
  • Traffic sign issue
  • Debris or trash along roadway
  • Large dead animal in the roadway
  • Canal or drainage pond maintenance
  • Graffiti
  • Broken sidewalk or bike path
  • Damaged guardrail or handrail
  • Unauthorized objects in the right of way
  • Illicit discharge into the swales or canals 
  • Other request

State Roads, Interstate 75 and U.S. Routes:

For signs, markings and roadway maintenance on state roads (S.R.), Interstate 75 and U.S. routes, contact the Florida DOT at 239-985-7800.

Street Lighting:

Other than selected major county roads, most street lighting is maintained by Florida Power & Light (FPL) at 800-468-8243 or the Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC) at 239-656-2300.

Lee County does not maintain street lighting within subdivisions or along non-county maintained roads.

Call 239-533-5762 if you are unsure who to contact.