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Big Carlos BridgeFort Myers Beach

​Burnt Store Road Widening
​Cape Coral

​Corkscrew Road Widening



​reFRESH Estero Boulevard​Fort Myers Beach

Homestead Road Widening Project​Lehigh Acres
​Littleton Road - Kismet Parkway
​Cape Coral

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Roadway Studies​

Summary of Major Road Projects FY 18/19 - 22/23 

Bi-County Transportation Corridor Study:
Burnt Store Road, Veterans Parkway & Colonial Boulevard

Major Road Projects

Cape Coral:

   Burnt Store Road Widening - Project Website

   Littleton Road and Kismet Parkway

   Realignment Study
   Roadway Plans 100%
   Signing & Marking Plans 100%
   Lighting Plans 100%

Fort Myers:

   Gateway Boulevard & Commerce Lakes Drive Roundabout  
    Lighting Plans - Final
    Roadway Plans - Final
    SPM Plans - Final

   Ortiz Avenue - S.R. 80 to S.R. 82 
    Roadway Plans - In Progress Final Plans 
    Structure Plans - In Progress 90% Submittal (Revised) 
    Landscape Plans - In Progress 90% Submittal (Revised) 
    Right of Way Maps 
    Fort Myers Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Plans 
    Lee County Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Plans 

Fort Myers Beach:

    Estero Boulevard
       reFRESH Estero Boulevard Project Website  
       Estero Boulevard Project Plans

    Big Carlos Bridge PD&E Study - (in progress)

Lehigh Acres:

   Joel Boulevard Restriping - Country Club Boulevard to E. 18th Street Signing & Marking Plans
   Gunnery Road - Lee Blvd to S.R. 82  100% Submittal 
   Homestead Road - Alabama Road to South of Sunrise Blvd.
     Alignment Study
     Concept Aerial
     Roadway Plans 100% 
     Right of Way Plans
     Drainage Design Documentation 
     Utility Relocation Plans 90%
   Sunshine Boulevard and 8th Street SW Intersection Improvements
     Intersection Evaluation Report
     Roadway Plans 100%         

North Fort Myers:

   Hancock Bridge Parkway Sidewalk & Drainage Improvements - Moody Road to U.S. 41
      Roadway Plans 100%
   Hancock Bridge Parkway Sidewalk Improvement Project - NE 16th Place to SE 24th Avenue
Roadway Plans 100%
   Littleton Road Widening - U.S. 41 to Corbett Road - Study 

Pine Island

    Stringfellow Road Shared Use Path - Eighth Avenue to York Road 90% Plans

South Lee County (South Fort Myers, San Carlos, Estero):

    A&W Bulb Road - Gladiolus Drive to Heritage Cove Boulevard 
     A&W Bulb Road Exhibit Plans 
     A&W Bulb Road Construction Plans 

    Alico Road Connector Alignment Study, Alico Road to S.R. 82
     Complete Appendix
     Final Report From McMahon 7-1-2009 
     Alico Road Supporting Documents Final

    Alico Road - Ben Hill Griffin Parkway to East of Airport Haul Road 
     Alico Road Final Report 
     Right of Way Maps 100% 
     Roadway Plans 100% 
     Signing & Marking Plans 100% 
     Signal Plans 100%

    Beacon Manor Drive Sidewalk Improvements  Bid Plans
    Ben C. Pratt Six Mile Cypress Parkway Four Laning (Stimulus Plans, Nov. 2009) Construction Plans 
    Ben Hill Griffin Parkway Four LaningEstero Parkway to Alico Road

    Colonial Boulevard
     Roadway Plans
     Signing & Pavement Marking/Signalization Plans 
     Lighting Plans

    Corkscrew Road Widening 
    Phase I - Ben Hill Griffin Parkway to Bella Terra Boulevard 
     Roadway Plans - Phase 1 90%
     Signing & Pavement Marking Plans - Phase 1 90%
     Lighting Plans - Phase 1 60%
     Signalization Plans - Phase 1 60%
     Roadway Plans - Phase I 60% 
     Signing & Pavement Marking Plans - Phase I 60% 
    Phase II - Bella Terra Boulevard to Alico Road 

    Daniels Parkway 

       Six-Laning from Chamberlin Parkway to Gateway Boulevard Final Submittal 
       Treeline Avenue, Dual Turn Lanes - Signed and Sealed  100% Submittal 
       Multi-Use Path - Danport Boulevard to Jetport Commerce Parkway 100% Submittal
   Estero Parkway from Three Oaks Parkway to Ben Hill Griffin ParkwayPhase I Road Improvements  
   Fiddlesticks Boulevard Multi-Use Path  Exhibit 

   Gladiolus Drive Widening from Pine Ridge Road to Winkler Road
     A&W Bulb Road to WInkler RoadPhase I 
     Pine Ridge Road to A&W Bulb RoadPhase II 

   North Airport Road - Roadway Plans
   Oriole Road Extension - Roadway Plans 

   Palomino Lane Improvements 
     Daniels Parkway to Penzance Boulevard   100% Submittal

   Summerlin Road
     Cypress Lake Drive to Boy Scout Drive Roadway Plan 
     Cypress Lake Drive to Boy Scout Drive Right of Way

   Three Oaks Parkway 
     Alico Road to Fiddlesticks Canal (Station 163+49.02) Roadway Plan
     Corkscrew Road to Alico Road  Roadway Plan 
     The Brooks to Imperial Street 100% Roadway Plan

​​   Three Oaks Parkway Extension North - Fiddlesticks Canal to Daniels Parkway
      Pre-2017 Design
         Canal Crossing to Daniels Parkway90% Roadway Plan
         Canal Crossing to Daniels Parkway90% Right of Way
      Post-2017 Design
         Phase I - Fiddlesticks Canal Crossing to Station 265+2060% Roadway Plan
         Phase I - Fiddlesticks Canal Crossing to Station 265+2030% Right of Way
         Fiddlesticks Canal Crossing 90% Structure Plans
       Informational Flyer, November 2018 
    Winkler Road Sidewalk   
       Plans - 100% Submittal