Greater Pine Island is a rural coastal community located east of the City of Cape Coral along the shores of Pine Island Sound. Greater Pine Island’s community planning efforts are directed at managing growth to maintain the island’s unique natural resources, character, and active agricultural industry. Additionally, as a community vulnerable to the threat of natural events, the community seeks to ensure that residents and visitors have a reasonable opportunity to evacuate in the case of an emergency. Greater Pine Island Community actively works toward implementing these planning projects:

  • Greater Pine Island Community Plan and Lee Plan Goal 14 ensure that future growth and development is consistent with the community’s coastal rural character, supportive of its vital agricultural industry, and prepared for emergency events.
  • Greater Pine Island Land Development Code (Chapter 33, Article III) addresses community-wide development standards to maintain equilibrium between modest growth, a fragile ecology, and a viable and productive agricultural community.
  • Matlacha is one of the small coastal islands that make up the Greater Pine Island Community. Located between the mainland of Lee County and Pine Island along Pine Island Road, Matlacha is adopting a Matlacha Land Development Code to protect Matlacha’s unique island village character. The code supplements the Greater Pine Island code to encourage future residential development to support the community’s unique island character, especially its water body views and vistas. This is an active community planning project. If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact Sharon Jenkins-Owen at or 239-533-8535.

Community Project Presentations:

The owner or agent applying for the following types of county approvals must conduct one public informational session within the community plan area prior to obtaining a finding of sufficiency.
  • Development Order
  • Planned development
  • Conventional rezoning, special exception or variance

For additional information on meeting requirements, please see Lee Plan Goal 14 and Land Development Code Section 33-1004.

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