Preserves in this category typically do not have easy public access. These preserves are often small or isolated, have no road access, or have sensitive plant communities. These preserves in some instances may also be adjacent to conservation areas which already offer hiking trails and other recreation amenities.
  • No facilities
  • No designated access points or trails available

If there is public interest, staff may provide field trips to these locations when requested.

Current Resources Proection preserves:
Buttonwood Preserve, CREW, Flag Pond Preserve, Gator Hole Preserve, Hickey's Creek Greenbriar Connector*, Hickey's Creek Mitigation Park*, Imperial Marsh Preserve, Koreshan Preserve, Mullock Creek Preserve, Oak Creek Preserve, Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve North, West Marsh Preserve

rimarily waterfront access: Carver Preserve, Cayo Pelau Preserve, Imperial River Preserve, Smokehouse BaPreserve

Not entirely purchased and/or managed with Conservation 20/20 funds. (Existing facilities/amenities are primarily built on non-Conservation 20/20 parcels.)