Before You Visit...

Print out a Preserve Map (with open access points):

  1. Click on one of the four regional county areas on the map below to get to an area of interest.
  2. Click on a "red star" to get to the preserve's map, then print map to an 8" X11" sheet of paper.
  3.  With the exception of Columbus G. McLeod & Orange River, "blue star" sites that are only accessible by water do not have associated trail maps.

NOTE: Since most of these natural areas do not have kiosks or brochure boxes, please don't forget to bring your printed map when you visit.

Public Use Levels for All Preserves

Primary Use Preserve:

Preserves in this category provide easy access, designated parking areas and other amenities. Grant funding was used to fund capital improvements. Additional resource-based, recreational activities will be offered once a Land Management Plan has determined which uses will be compatible with protecting the animal and plant communities found at the specific preserve. Learn more.

Limited Use Preserve:

Preserves in this category have space to provide designated trailheads or pedestrian access without degrading the preserve and are conducive to providing a trail system. Other preserves under Limited Use include preserves only accessible via watercraft. Learn more.

Resource Protection & Restoration Preserve:

Preserves in this category do not currently provide regular public access. This could either be due to the fact that public access is not feasible (such as a Preserve that has no road access, one that consists entirely of mangrove or cypress swamps or is too small), Preserves where land management activities could create unsafe conditions for the public (such as a Preserve scheduled for large-scale restoration projects), or a newer acquisition for which a management plan has not been completed. Learn more.

Not entirely purchased and/or managed with Conservation 20/20 funds:
Hickey's Creek Mitigation Park, Hickey's Creek Greenbriar Connector, Pineland Site Complex, Six Mile Cypress Slough, San Carlos Bay – Bunche Beach, Matanzas Pass, Billy Creek
(Existing facilities/amenities are primarily built on non-Conservation 20/20 parcels.)