While enjoying your Lee County Conservation 20/20 preserves, you may come across many different types of wildlife, including native, non-native/exotic (i.e. hogs, iguanas, snakes), domestic (i.e. dogs, cats), livestock (i.e. cattle, horses and farm animals), injured, and endangered/threatened species (i.e. panthers, bears, eagles).

​If you are curious as to what types of wildlife you may encounter on your trip before you head out to a particular preserve, you can find a list of animals that have been spotted on each preserve's webpage (as a .pdf file).

Please remember to keep your distance from any wildlife you may encounter while on the preserves. For your safety, as well as theirs, do not feed, harass or touch any wild animal. In accordance with the state's Rules 68A-9.010 and 68A-27, do not transport/dump wildlife (native, exotic, domestic, etc.) on land for which you do not have the landowner's permission to do so.​