​In 2011, a Lee County Natural Resources hydrological restoration project was initiated to improve sheet flow and alleviate flooding issues in North Fort Myers. The following pictures show some of the changes that have resulted at the preserve.

Project Map
- Restoration activities only occurred on the southern portion of the preserve.

Photo #1 - Taken at the top of a huge dirt pile that was covered in Brazilian pepper. This became the created wetland between the two southernmost ponds. These vegetation piles were burned.

Photo #2 - Taken from the top of the berm that currently blocks water from sheet flowing across the preserve. This is one of four future ditch breaks, which will allow for sheet flow and Pop Ash Creek to somewhat follow its more historic route.

Photo #3 - Once vegetation was removed, silt fence was installed.

Photo #4 - The view from the road of Pop Ash Creek as it leaves the preserve.

Photo #5 - The most dramatic change so far (and one of the biggest changes to the preserve). This is where the weir would be installed and all water leaves the site, so there has been a lot of clearing.

Final report on completed project