In October 2004, a $125,000 grant was received from the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) to assist in exotic plant control at Pine Lake Preserve. Work began in November 2005 and continued through March 2006. The focus was to remove large melaleuca trees that had invaded disturbed areas around a borrow pond. These trees were removed with small bobcat with a claw-type head.


Large melaleucas were also removed from the historic riverbed in the southern portion of the preserve and from around the borrow pond. 


Once the trees were felled, they were piled to burn. Pile burning will begin in summer 2006. Trees that could not be reached with machine were hand cut with chainsaws. Once all trees were removed, the stumps were extracted with an excavator. Those stumps that were close to native vegetation were left and resprouts were foliar treated in the summer of 2006.