​​In January 2006, $131,250 was granted from the Florida Department of Agriculture through the Emergency Hurricane Supplemental Urban and Community Forestry grant program. With matching funds from the Conservation 20/20 management fund, this restoration project was started in June 2006.

The project focused on the removal of Australian pine and melaleuca, along with other invasive exotic plants. There were three phases to the project, which included the following methods: excavation, hand-felling,​ and herbicide treatment. All phases of the project were completed in May 2007. Retreatments for exotics occur as necessary. Look for the work as you drive on McGregor Boulevard, just south of the Deep Lagoon Marina.

BEFORE: The northern peninsula & pasture areas

Deep Lagoon Photo BeforeDeep Lagoon Photo Before 

AFTER: Four years after the exotic plant removal

Deep Lagoon Photo After