Search Pending Land Purchases: January 2013 to Present

All County Lands staff negotiations on Conservation 20/20 parcels are presented to the Conservation Land Acquisition and Stewardship Advisory Committee (CLASAC) and the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) prior to purchase.

Information regarding staff-negotiated purchase price will be posted and available through the search feature below 30 days prior to being heard on the Board of County Commissioners' Meeting Agenda.

The decision to purchase any real property is made by the BOCC.

Items available within this search feature are the Parcel Negotiation History Summary, inclusive of the Board Agenda Summary Item (Blue Sheet); and complete appraisal(s) that have been presented to the CLASAC from 2013 to the present.   

Need help? Type a particular Seller's Last Name or Nomination Number (Our file number) in the search box.

If you don't know any details on the parcel(s) that may be pending, type "Conservation" into the search feature below. If you require additional assistance, call Reneé Moneta at 239-533-8855. 
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