County Lands handles acquisition of real property for all County business, including negotiation for the Conservation 20/20 Program. 

Forms to Nominate Property

What is required?

  • A signed application from all owners of record and/or documentation that gives a representative authority to act on behalf of owners (see the Agent Authorization form above if you have a Real Estate Agent/Broker/Attorney)

Other documentation helpful to submit (but not required)

  • Location map, such as a plat map, aerial photo, and/or legal description
  • Wetland survey, species survey, plant community inventory, or any other available environmental reports
  • Approved or pending development plans
  • A copy of either an Owner's title policy or a Title Search
  • Boundary survey


County Lands follows real property acquisition procedures as set forth in Florida Statute 125.355. Therefore, our files are confidential and unavailable for public disclosure during the negotiation process. Additional requirements of the negotiation process were implemented as a result of the Blue Ribbon Committee review of the Program in 2012.  This now includes obtaining a third appraisal if the difference in appraised value between two appraisals is 20 percent or more. Additionally, CLASAC makes a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) prior to land contracts being presented to the BOCC for their purchase consideration. The BOCC makes all final decisions regarding acquisition of land for County purposes.

Purchases Pending Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) Approval

If you are unsure if your property has been previously reviewed for the Conservation 20/20 Program, or if you have any questions regarding the intake/review process, please contact Reneé Moneta, Property Acquisition Assistant, at (239) 533-8855 or