There is a function on server login forms to enable or disable remembering passwords. Since the Lee County Library System's online catalog uses the same login page for remote users and for all the public computers in the libraries,  that function has been disabled to keep public computer logins secure.

Different browsers handle that function in different ways. In some browsers, the built-in autocomplete function can override the server settings, but this is not always the case. A browser password manager add-on may be required if patrons want to save passwords in these cases.

Please be aware that enabling autocomplete where the server has disabled it has security implications if using a shared computer.

​For Internet Explorer 9​For Chrome
  1. Basic setup.

  2. If step one doesn't enable the feature.

  3. If step two doesn't enable the feature.
​For Chrome, a full password manager is required to autofill password forms on the LCLS website. A popular free one is LastPass.

​​For Internet Explorer 8

​For Firefox

​In IE8, the autocomplete feature is turned off by default. To enable it ...

  1. Go to Tools > Internet Options.

  2. Select the "Advanced" tab.

  3. Scroll down to the checkbox labeled "Use inline autocomplete (outside of Internet Explorer)" and check it.
​See this page.
​​For Internet Explorer 7

​Like its predecessors, Internet Explorer 7 has an autocomplete feature that, by default, provides possible suggestions for websites when users begin typing a URL into the Address bar. Autocomplete is also responsible for storing and completing information relevant to forms, passwords or usernames; AutoComplete asks whether a user wants to save this information for future use. IE7 users may delve into AutoComplete and configure its settings for particular uses or turn it off completely. To configure autocomplete settings in IE7 ...

  1. Open the Web browser.

  2. From the Tools menu and click Internet Options.

  3. Select the Content tab.

  4. Click the Settings button.

  5. Clear the checkbox next to any of the choices for using autocomplete: Web Addresses, Forms, or User Names and Passwords On Forms.

  6. Click OK.

If problems still exist with IE7 remembering usernames and passwords, see this page.

​​For Internet Explorer 6
​​If using Internet Explorer 6 or below, the library recommends that patrons update their browser for compatibility and security reasons. For a thorough discussion of these issues and helpful links to instructions for updating a browser, go to this Microsoft Internet Explorer page.