LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data was collected in 2007 for Lee County as part of the statewide Coastal LiDAR Project initiated by Florida Division of Emergency Management.  These data were used to update statewide surge models and regional evacuation plans in response to House Bill 7121 - Disaster Preparedness Response and Recovery.

Baseline Specs                                     Final Reports

Download contour lines and spot elevations derived from LiDAR

Request LiDAR Data 

To request raw LAS point cloud files, email us the tile number(s) or a map or digital file of your boundary. Click a location on the map below or zoom in to see the tile numbers.

If you prefer ASCII files, you may download X,Y,Z coordinates for points every 50 feet interpolated from LiDAR data. Download the county wide file or contact us to request points of a different spacing within a specific area.

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