Color aerial orthophotography is provided in MrSid format. Each .sid covers approximately one township/range.    To download countywide aerials from our FTP site, click the year below.  Individual townships may be downloaded using the map at the end of this page. Read "How to Get Aerials for Individual Townships" below for guidance.

​Year ​Flight Dates​Resolution

flown by

20161/1 - 1/29​4" ground pixel size​​Pictometry International Corp.​
​2015​1/1 - 2/84" ground pixel size​​Pictometry International Corp.


​1/24 - 3/9​4" ground pixel size

​Pictometry International Corp.

​2013​12/30/12 - 2/21​4" ground pixel size​Pictometry International Corp.
​2012​2/23 - 2/24​6" ground pixel size

​Pictometry International Corp.

​20111/2 - 3/21​4" ground pixel size​Pictometry International Corp.
​20101/6 - 2/14​6" ground pixel size​Pictometry International Corp.
​2008​January​6" ground pixel size

​Pinnacle Mapping Technologies, Inc.

​2007​8/22 - 11/11​6" ground pixel size​Woolpert, Inc.
2005​1/17 - 1/25​6" ground pixel size

​EarthData, Inc.

How to Get Aerials for Individual Townships

Click the subject township on the map below. This will pop-up a window with a list of years.  Click the year desired and SAVE the zip file. If you attempt to open the file, your browser may freeze.  Once downloaded, unzip the file and view the aerials in ArcGIS, AutoCAD or your Windows web browser using ExpressView Browser Plug-In.

 Click a township to view years available and download aerials