Please email your name, address of your road and phone number to Pavement Management at the link below. Your name will be put on a list and an inspector will evaluate the condition of the road and rate it. 


Q: How do I get my road paved in Lehigh Acres?

A: Please call 239-533-9321 or email your name, address of your road and a phone number to  Also, leave a short message. Lee County DOT will then inspect your road, give it a rating and place it on the Lehigh Acres paving waiting list. Your road will be prioritized with other Lehigh road requests. We receive approximately 1,300 requests a year but, due to budget restraints, only have the ability to pave approximately 100 roads a year in Lehigh Acres.

Q: Do my property taxes pay for my road to be paved?

A: No. The paving or resurfacing funds do not generally come from property taxes. They come from gas tax revenues from the Lee County area.

Q: We live in Lehigh Acres and were told after two or three houses are built on our road the county will automatically pave it. Is this true?

A: No. Lehigh Acres road paving is mostly request driven. Please refer to the first question above.

Q: Is there a “Tier” system in Lehigh Acres?

Yes. There are three tiers in Lehigh Acres; Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3. Currently, the priority for the paving program is Tier 1 & Tier 2. The paving in Tier 3 is on a limited basis. Lee County DOT is restricted to only 20 percent per paving contract.

Q: My road is not in Lehigh Acres, how can I get my road paved?

A: Please refer to the first question. Lee County DOT has a different rating system for non-Lehigh Acres roads. Typically if the rating falls below our standards, it can be paved within a year.

Q: What is the method Lee County DOT uses to select the roads that are paved?

A: Lehigh Acres is generally request driven. For the rest of unincorporated Lee County, DOT relies mostly on a pavement management system, which is updated yearly by a third party roadway consulting firm.

Q: We are on the waiting list, how long will it take to get our road paved?

A: This will vary. The best way for any updates is to email

Q: Once I am told that my road will be paved, how long will it take?

A: This will vary. The best way for any updates is to email

Q: I was told the contract has been bid, how long will it take to get my road paved?

A: This will vary. The best way for any updates is to email

Q: My road was just paved, but the paving crew left a drop-off or a mess in my yard.

A: Per the paving contract, the contractor will restore the area but this may take a few days. If you have concerns with the restoration please email

Q: How many paving contracts does Lee County DOT do a year?

A: Lee County DOT currently does three paving contracts a year for approximately $1,000,000 each: one in Lehigh Acres, one non-Lehigh Acres local road and one arterial & collector road.