There are two advisory committees currently associated with Human & Veteran Services: the Community Action Agency/Neighborhood District Committee and the Community Human Services Council. These committees provide opportunities for community members to participate in planning and discussions of human service needs within Lee County. 

Community Action Agency/Neighborhood District Committee

The Community Action Agency/Neighborhood District Committee serves as an advisory body to the Lee County Board of County Commissioners on the planning, performance evaluation and public comment regarding:

  • Community Services Block Grant Action Plan
  • HUD Consolidated Plan
  • HUD Annual Action Plan
  • HUD Annual Performance Plan
  • Funding for projects within targeted neighborhood districts 

The Committee's recommendations shall be submitted to the Board, which may adopt, modify or amend them. 

CAA/NDC Application​​
​Committee Member ListingAdministrative Code 15-1
Public Hearing NoticesPublic Notice (September 12, 2019)
Meeting Minutes (January 10, 2019)Meeting Minutes (March 14, 2019)

Community Human Services Council

As a result of the Smart Growth initiative and shrinking State and Federal resources, the Board of County Commissioners created the Community Human Services Council (CHSC). The CHSC, comprised of private and public community stakeholders, is charged with the task of effectively designing a community-based plan for current and future human service needs in Lee County.

As state and federal funding diminishes, services and associated costs shift to the local community. This means we will need to prioritize services; invest in measurable outcomes; and coordinate advances in technology, planning and service delivery to effectively meet service demands. The CHSC will assure there is a countywide strategic plan to assist in providing service coordination and resource planning. The strategic plan will promote strengthening of private and public partnerships, promote collaboration and integration of community services, and strive to eliminate fragmented service delivery systems.

CHSC Application​

Human Services Council Meeting Dates
Administrative Code 15-6Chronic Homeless Study
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Human Services Strategic Plan