The Office of Management & Budget publishes the Final Budget in the fall of each year to summarize and explain the Board of County Commissioners' operating budget by organization, fund and function. Many helpful tables and charts throughout the Final Budget summarize the County's prior year revenues and expenditures, as well as the estimated figures for the applicable fiscal year.

View and print Annual Budget Books from Fiscal Year 1997-98 to the present in the Budget Book Archive.

Operating Budget Sections Summary

A. Budget Message

    • Includes Budget Message from the County Manager, which outlines the historical factors, economic trends and business philosophies that affect the County's fiscal policies; and a Users Guide to help find specific information.

B. Budget Summary

    • Includes color charts with current and historical information.

C. Financial Policy

    • Includes policies regarding the budget, revenue, appropriation and fund types.

D. Services By Organization

    • Includes organizational structure and responsibilities of County departments, actual expenditures for two fiscal years ago, estimated expenditures for last fiscal year and the budget for the current fiscal year.

E. Capital Improvement Program/Long Term Debt

    • Includes detailed presentation of capital improvement program and debt activity.

F. Budget by Function

    • Includes department summary according to Activity and Fund Type Categories established by the State of Florida.

G. Appendices

    • Includes discussion of Fund Structure, Budgetary Accounting Policy, Budget Process and Glossary of Terms.

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