​Project Abstract

The North Fort Myers Hydrologic Restoration Project is comprised of three separate sites in North Fort Myers in Northern Lee County. The three sites known as the "Lost Lane Levee", "Powell Creek Extension" and "Gator Slough" are located within the Caloosahatchee River Drainage Basin. The work to be completed at the Lost Lane Levee site will be to install ditch plugs every 500 feet within the linear borrow area adjacent to the levee and create wetlands between the plugs and to install riser structures on three (3) culverts to mimic the stage/outflow of the natural system from the levied area. The Powell Creek Extension proposed improvements include conveyance improvements, the construction of diversion weirs to accommodate offsite flows from Palermo (Golf and residential) as well as constructing an environmental weir at the location of the twin 60-inch culverts. An additional weir is to be placed upstream to rehydrate the adjacent wetlands. The 125 foot wide conveyance is designed to meander about the centerline flanked by shallow littoral zones. These areas will be planted with shallow water emergent aquatic plants to facilitate increased resonance time for nutrient uptake. The environmental weir will serve to capture sediment and to slow velocities.

The Gator Slough Phase II portion originally called for a narrow deep channel which would require excavation of rock. Excavation of this nature sometimes may be disruptive to adjacent property owners, not to mention more expensive. As a result, the design was changed to a wider shallower scheme. As such the side slopes are much steeper requiring stone rip rap for stabilization. Phase II completed October 2nd, 2003.

The Gator Slough Phase III original design called for a narrow deep cross section. As a result of amending the existing agreement with the SFWMD to allow for land purchase, the original 90-foot wide section was expanded to a 130-foot wide section. The modified wider section will provides an increased level of water quality enhancements and superb wading bird habitat. On May, 16th, 2007, Lee County Natural Resources commenced flow way corridor clearing without impacting any wetlands. All 16.5 acres was flush cut utilizing hand labor and all debris was removed from the site and was completed on July 16th, 2007.

Initiative Status:

Construction Completed as of 8/25/2009

Lee County Development Order DOS2007-00268 approved 11/27/07.

South Florida Water Management District Permit 36-05574-P issued 2/17/06

United States Army Corp of Engineers Permit SAJ-2001-6929- (IP-MJD) issued 12/18/07

Mandatory Pre Bid Conference 11/6/2008

Bid Opening 12/3/08

Lodge Construction low bid at $1,769,737.00

Pre Construction Meeting with Lodge Construction 1/21/09

Notice to Proceed 1/28/09

Substantial Completion 8/25/09

Project Budget: $2,800,000

Contact information: Anura Karuna-Muni, P.E., Project Manager
Phone: 239-533-8131 E-mail: akaruna-muni@leegov.com