Real Estate Acquisition Negotiations

image of negotiation handshakeAcquires all real estate interest from private and public property owners as necessary to construct roads, utility lines, government buildings, parks, libraries, etc. Also, acquires land for environmental conservation purposes. Real Estate activities are performed in full compliance with federal, state or local laws, as may be required for governmental real estate transactions.

Real Estate Disposition Review

Image of For Sale sign
Identifies any County-owned property which could be surplus real estate for possible disposal either by donation or sale in full compliance with Florida Statute 125.35 or Florida Statute 125.38, as the case may be.



Real Estate Title Examination

house keys and title insurance forms
Performs special research and title examination of real estate ownerships and property encumbrances necessary to properly acquire or sell real estate. Further, provides assistance to the County Attorney's Office for potential litigation of real estate interests.

County Lands Inventory Control

Aerial photo of Lee County
Maintains the official inventory of all real property owned by Lee County with information as to purpose for acquisition, costs associated with purchase, existing environmental conditions, and improvements made to the land, if any.  
See our Interactive County Owned Land Map.

Tax Deed Sales of County-Held Certificates (Liens)

Tax Lien word cloud graphic
Initiates applications for tax deed sales, deposits fees and handles subsequent liquidation of County-held tax certificates, in compliance with Florida Statute 197.502 and Florida Administrative Code 12D-13.060.



Conservation Lands Program (Conservation 20/20)

Lee County Conservation 20/20 Logo
Assists the Board-appointed citizen advisory committee with the environmental evaluation of nominated properties for consideration to be purchased. See the Conservation 20/20 webpage for additional information.