Randy Admire

Facilities Manager

The Pest Control Shop has instituted an Integrated Pest Control maintenance program where Lee County Government facilities and offices are checked on a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program and treated only when a problem or potential problem exists. This program eliminates the excessive use of pesticides in these environments. Some of the Pest Control Shop functions are as follows:    
  • Provides in-house pest control preventive maintenance services to Lee County Government owned and leased buildings on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.
  • Provides rodent abatement program services to Lee County Government owned and leased facilities on a quarterly basis.
  • Provides termite inspections every six months to Lee County Government owned and leased buildings.
  • Coordinates live bee removal from buildings with a certified vendor.
  • Coordinates termite fumigations for Lee County Government buildings with a State-Certified vendor licensed to administer the fumigant.
  • Provides bed bug treatment to affected Lee County Government offices.