On April 17, the Lee Board of County Commissioners held a transmittal hearing for the Lee Plan amendments. The transmittal hearing was the first of two public hearings before the Board.  At this hearing, the Board voted 3-1 to transmit the proposed Lee Plan amendments to the State for further review by the State Land Planning Agency (Department of Economic Opportunity) and other State reviewing agencies.  The amendments are not approved by the Board until the adoption hearing.   

In order to broaden public understanding on the upcoming meeting on limerock mining and the proposed changes to the Lee County Comprehensive Plan, we have established these informational pages to provide you with the facts associated with these amendments.  

Specifically, the proposed amendments remove an "economic necessity" component currently contained in the mining section of the Lee County Comprehensive Plan, which is contrary to a free-market economy. This "economic necessity" requirement is a non-traditional regulation that has been historically applied. The comp plan amendments being considered would eliminate the existing system, which triggers potential legal challenges and liability based on the market interference.

The removal of Map 14 has been the subject of many public discussions. A mining application's approval is not affected by Map 14's existence. Map 14 boundaries were always subject to change based on the comprehensive plan amendment process. Any mining application could be approved if the application is consistent with the Lee Plan. Chapter 12 of the county's Land Development Code establishes the true criteria for evaluation of a mining application. Chapter 12 provides a comprehensive and stringent set of regulations for mining that address compatibility of mines and the potential negative environmental impacts that could arrive from mining operations. All other mine-related requirements remain in effect to protect water quality, habitat and quality of life.
pending-cases.pngPending Cases
Please note that the proposed mining amendments do not impact currently pending mining cases known as Troyer Brothers and Old Corkscrew Plantation. 

For more information, view case documents:  

Troyer DCI2016-00025 – Zoning Planned Development Case

Troyer CPA2016-00006 – Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Old Corkscrew Plantation DCI2011-00007 – Zoning Planned Development Case

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4/4/19 - Limerock Mining Public Education Open House

4/2/19 - Launch of Mining Amendment Site

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