Agendas for both the Regular Board Meetings and Work Sessions from Aug. 1, 2017 onward can be found using the search box below.

Meeting videos are also available after the meeting concludes. Once the video is available you will see a video icon Video Icon If the video is not yet available you will see a document icon  Agenda Icon

Regular Board Meeting agendas from 2002 through June 20, 2017 are available in the Meeting Archive.  Work Session, Budget Public Hearing, and Management & Planning agendas from 2003 through June 6, 2017 are available in the Work Session Archive.

Agenda recaps are now posted within the agenda document. Transcripts can be accessed approximately 24 hours after each meeting by clicking on the Online Agenda, then clicking on the Transcript link at the top left of your screen.

Members of the public who are unable to attend the Lee County Commission's Regular Board Meetings can share their opinions on agenda items with the Board through “eComments.” Once the agenda is posted online for the next Regular Board Meeting, submit your comment electronically through the eComment form.  The deadline to submit comments is 8 a.m. the Monday prior to the meeting.

Lee County provides documents in formats accessible to optical character readers (OCR). If you have problems accessing agendas or attached documents, please contact Samantha Westen at 239-533-2112 or