Liaison / Dept:David Wagley, DCD, 533-8502
Created By:Resolution
Date Created:11/29/1989
Number of Members:11
One (1) member by each County Commissioner, representing their Commission districts and six (6) members appointed as At Large members. The At Large Members may be appointed by any Commissioner. One At Large Member should be from each of the following areas: 1) a biking industry representative (local bike shop owner, active bicyclist or bike club member, etc.); 2) an affordable housing representative (citizen advocate, realtor or private sector provider of affordable housing); 3) and a walkable community representative/advocate, (urban planner, member of walking group, active walker, etc.). Representatives from the Lee County Parks and Recreation Department, the Lee County Sheriffs Office, Lee County School District, LeeTran, the Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Lee County Department of Community Development regularly attend committee meetings for the purpose of answering questions, providing information and input.
Financial Disclosure Required:NO
The purpose is to act as a general advisory committee to the Board of Commissioners with emphasis on bicycle paths and sidewalks. This includes recommending updates to a Comprehensive Bicycle Facilities Plan, reviewing and recommending facility needs, educating cyclists and motorists and developing a current Project Priority List as a guide for the development of the bikeway system.

Current/Upcoming VacanciesTerm ExpiresAvailability
District Sensitive #1November Immediately

Filled PositionsTerm Expires
Affordable Housing Representative- At Large
-Mr. Al Giacalone, III
November 2020
At Large Representative
-Nora Egan Demers, PhD
November 2020
At Large Representative
-Mr. David Wheaton
November 2021
At Large Representative
-Mrs Jane M. Bowser
November 2020
Bike Industry Representative - At Large
-Mr. Eric Spivey, MBA
November 2020
District Sensitive #2
-Mr. Theodore P. Connor
November 2021
District Sensitive #3
-Ms. Kelley Provo, Esq.
November 2020
District Sensitive #4
-Mr. Donald W. Mayne
November 2021
District Sensitive #5
-Mr. Damon Shelor
November 2020
Walkable Community Representative/Advocate - At Large
-Ms. Susan Oehl
November 2021

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