LeeTV is Lee County's 24-hour government access channel, brought to you by Lee County Technology Services. LeeTV provides residents and visitors with information about Lee County Government as well as public safety, health and state-related news.

Any additional educational, entertainment or informational programming is subject to various costs, such as equipment replacement, maintenance and repair. Its availability is not a guarantee of future broadcast.

LeeTV airs on Comcast Cable Channel 97, CenturyLink's Prism TV Channel 88 and is also streamed on this website.


Live Board of County Commissioners Meeting Broadcasting

  • All Board of County Commissioners meetings are televised live. Regular Board Meetings (held on the first and third Tuesdays) are rebroadcast on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays. Closed captioning of these meetings is provided.

Lee County Updates

  • The County's news program provides information about what is going on in Lee County Government. Viewers will see an overview of department responsibilities, project updates, explanation of County programs, public safety information and general county information.

Do the Right Thing

  • Monthly program recognizing youth for special achievements in Lee County. Provided by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Fort Myers Police Department.


  • The lure of the Florida Keys has attracted explorers, scientists, entrepreneurs, adventurers and conservation-minded people for decades. Poets, song writers, playwrights, authors and academics have long focused their imaginations and talents on the special environment, the people and the place we know as the Florida Keys.

Other Programming

        Florida CrossroadsFace to FaceLiving on the Edge (wildfire protection)
        Capital UpdateLiving GreenSaltwater Journal
        Untold StoriesCrossroads Cafe
          IMPACTWildlife Matters
      Crime StopPet Match

Digital Converter Box

  • LeeTV is not broadcast over the air. It is available through Comcast Cable channel 97 and CenturyLink's Prism TV Channel 88 in Lee County and streamed on this website.
  • Analog broadcasts ended on most major broadcasting networks in Lee County in 2009. To watch local TV broadcasts, you will need a digital tuner built into your TV or a digital converter box.

Closed Captioning

  • Lee TV provides Closed Captioning of Tuesday's Regular Board Meetings.