​The Transit Fleet

Transit Inventory
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​LeeTran has a fleet of fixed-route buses, trolleys, ADA/paratransit small buses, and a commuter vanpool program.








Transit Fleet Useful Life
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The current average age of a LeeTran bus is 5 years, a Passport small bus is 4 years, and a Trolley is 3.5 years.

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) establishes the useful life guidelines to ensure that vehicles purchased with federal funds stay in service for a substantial portion of their service life, thus ensuring that federal taxpayers obtain an adequate return on their investment.





​Fixed Route Operations

Fixed Route is the county-wide LeeTran public transportation system, which operates approximately 50 full-size buses on 24 bus routes, with more than 1,700 bus stops.

Fixed Route Passenger Trips and Miles
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Passenger trips are measured by the total number of times a person uses a transit vehicle and is counted through the Farebox system. 

Annual number of miles is measured by number of annual miles of vehicle operation while in active service.






Fixed Route On-Time Performance

On-time performance is a ratio determined by the total number of trips divided by the number of early and on-time trips.

Late Trips are defined as being more than five minutes after the scheduled arrival time.







Fixed Route Average Trip Length
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Average trip length is determined by compiling the number of miles a transit passenger travels and dividing this number by the total number of trips. 

This data is gathered by performing specific surveys to compile this information every three years by LeeTran.







​Passport (ADA) Operations

The LeeTran paratransit service, known as Passport, is offered in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. The act requires that operators of federally-subsidized fixed-route transit service provide complimentary door-to-door service to ADA-eligible elderly and disabled persons living within 3/4 miles of fixed bus routes who are unable to use the fixed-route service due to a disability. Effective Nov. 1, 2015, the Lee County Board of County Commissioners authorized the implementation of a new service known as Passport Premium Service. This service is for clients who meet the ADA eligibility criteria for ADA service, and the origin and destination of a trip can be outside of the 3/4-mile ADA corridor along a bus route. 

ADA Passport small busADA driver and customer

Passport (ADA) Approved Customers and Passenger Trips
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The historical running total of approved Passport (ADA) Service customers assists with forecasting demand for service along with depicting trends for past and future service.

In addition, it assists with gauging resources needed to process applications in a timely manner within federal regulations.

Passport (ADA) passenger trips completed is the count of all origin-to-destination trips performed on Passport vehicles.




Passport (ADA) Miles
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​Vehicle miles traveled are measured from the time it leaves the LeeTran yard until it returns.








Passport (ADA) On-Time Performance

Passport (ADA) Service on-time performance.

The goal of on-time service at 85% or more was set through policy.









​Vanpool Operations

Vanpool Trips
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​This measure establishes a count of the employers who use the vanpool program and the number of trips they generate.

LeeTran facilitates and subsidizes the vanpool program in conjunction with a company called vRide. A vanpool is a group of people who commute together on a regular basis in a roomy, comfortable van. 

Of the current companies using vanpool, most have  pick-ups in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or Lehigh Acres and commute to their place of employment. Each van's route is customizable based on the needs of the employees.



Bus Accidents
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Total annual number of accidents/100,000 miles of service is calculated to evaluate and mitigate risk, reduce cost and personal injury and identify causes of preventable accidents to reduce the future accidents.







Preventable Accidents
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​Accident data is gathered, then analysis is performed to determine the number preventable accidents.

A preventable accident is one that the bus driver could have avoided by taking a different action.










Operating Expense by Trip
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​Measuring operating expenses by breakdowns such as trips taken allows for comparisons to industry standards. 







Operating Expenses and Revenues
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This chart compares the operations costs to revenues.

Farebox revenue is the total collection of fares for the bus system. 

Advertising revenue is generated from promotions on benches, shelters and buses. The advertising revenue is used to maintain bus stops, benches and shelters along LeeTran's bus routes.

The difference between the operating expenses and program revenues is covered by grants and General Fund dollars.



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