​Sports Tourism

Hotel Room Nights
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Key indicators of successful sports tourism are booked hotel room nights and direct visitor spending. 

Booked room nights are the total number of hotel room nights generated by sporting event administrators, participants, families, friends and/or spectators.







Direct Visitor Spending

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Direct spending is a metric for how much a sports visitor spends in Lee County on such items as hotel, food, car rental, gas and shopping.  

Lee County Sports Development uses the Florida Sports Foundation daily spending numbers provided by Visit Florida.  






​The average daily spending for adults and youth are applied to the length of the event and respective tournament team and/or individual  information based on the discipline of the sport. Direct impact is a combination of: lodging, meals, transportation, entertainment and/or other incidental spending by visitors during their respective event or activity.

Sports Tourism Events

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The more diverse the mix, the more insulated we become from economic downturns, sports disruptions, and weather incidents. 

Offering a wide variety of sports events also provides opportunities to collaborate with the Visitor & Convention Bureau and the Economic Development office.

The "other" category includes sports such as hockey, lacrosse, volleyball and gymnastics.

​The retention of sports tourism events is critical for continued economic impact. Client retention indicates customer satisfaction. Recurring events reduce the costs of recruiting new business and annual scheduling. The current retention rate is 93%.


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