​Community Performance

This measure represents a snapshot of the community’s waste stream at its broadest level. It identifies the percentage of incoming materials going to the Resource Recovery Facility, landfill and Materials Recovery Facility.

Disposition of Materials
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Pounds per Household of Residential Waste, Recyclables and Horticultural Waste
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​This measure represents residential waste generated within the Lee County franchise area on a pounds-per-household basis for each of the following materials: municipal solid waste (MSW), curbside recycling, and horticultural waste. There are more than 162,000 unincorporated Lee County households served.







garbage pickupgarbage pickup truck


​Resource Recovery Facility Performance

Energy (Net Megawatts) Generated

​The Resource Recovery Facility combusts waste to generate renewable energy that is sold and becomes a revenue source. The energy is measured in net megawatts of renewable energy.







Note: Resource Recovery Facility performance in February 2016 included a 21-day maintenance shut-down of the 40MW turbine generator.


power line


Tons Processed at the Resource Recovery Facility
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​Waste processed at the Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) is not disposed of at the landfill, and it conserves valuable landfill airspace.

waste to energy facility 


Tons of Metals Recovered
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This measure tracks the tons of metals (both ferrous, which contain iron, and non-ferrous materials) recycled by the Resource Recovery Facility (RRF). 

Recycling metals at the RRF conserves valuable landfill airspace.








waste to energy facilitymetal recoverytipping floor


Tons of Ash Generated
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When waste is burned, ash is generated by the Resource Recovery Facility (RRF). 

This measure represents the tons of ash hauled to the Lee Hendry Landfill.








​Recycling Performance

Recycling per Capita and Total Tons
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The total number of tons recycled throughout the County is divided by the County's population.

Waste diversion through recycling preserves valuable landfill capacity and conserves valuable capacity at the Resource Recovery Facility (RRF). It also helps to measure the impact of recycling education and outreach programs.






Recycling Contamination Rate


The contamination rate is an indicator of the percentage of materials collected from recycling bins that are not recyclable in the County’s system.  These represent items that are not part of “Five for the Cart”.








material recoverymaterial recovery


Recycling Commodity Rate (Per Ton

​This measures the value of a representative ton of outbound recycled commodities, based on market conditions.








​Recycling Education

Outreach Events and Classes Visited
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This measure includes event and community outreach appearances and Lee County-led tours of the Resource Recovery Facility (RRF).

Education promotes effective management of waste materials to increase diversion, conserve landfill airspace, conserve Resource Recovery Facility capacity, delay capital expenditures, and efficiently move materials within the Integrated Waste Management System.




outreachoutreach booth


Number of Waste or Recycling Reviews

This measure represents the number of commercial businesses/institutions visited to perform a voluntary audit of waste management practices and provide guidance for recycling.

Education for the commercial sector promotes effective management of waste materials.






​Note: FY 16-17 Q1 included a special project for residential recycling.


​Construction & Demolition Ordinance

Compliance with Construction and Demolition Debris (C&DD) Ordinance

​This measure represents the number of applicable permits pulled vs. number of times the Advanced Disposal Fee(ADF) was collected; which is an important measure of the community's efforts towards recycling construction and demolition debris.








​Permitted and Constructed Landfill Capacity (Ash - Class I - Class III)

​The measure represents cubic yards of permitted and constructed landfill airspace consumed at the Ash Monofill, Class I Landfill, and Class III Landfill. The goal is to conserve landfill air space and delay capital expenditures and future site needs.

Permitted and Constructed Landfill Total Air Space Consumed Cubic Yards
Ash Monofill Class I LandfillClass III Landfill


​Compost Facility

Tons of Biosolids Processed
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This measure represents the number of tons of incoming biosolids that are processed at the compost facility.

The compost facility provides generators with a beneficial disposal option for biosolids.

ash monofil compost facility 


Tons Compost Distributed
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​This measure represents the tons of compost sold.  OrganicLee® compost is a product beneficial to the community.

compost turner 


​Financial Measures

Revenues by Major Source
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​This measure identifies the major sources of revenue for the Integrated Solid Waste Management System.


Debt Coverage
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Debt Coverage provides the ratio of net revenues to debt payment for the Integrated Solid Waste Management System.

A minimum debt coverage ratio of 100% is required to maintain compliance with bond resolution. A strong debt coverage ratio may improve bond ratings and future borrowing ability.






Note: FY12 $34M used to retire remaining 2001 refunding revenue bonds.  FY16 refinanced 2006B bond.


Residential Rates Compared to other Communities with Resource Recovery Facilities
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​Rates are for collection and disposal. The comparison is between average waste assessments for Lee County and other communities with resource recovery facilities.


​Customer Service

Scale Tickets Processed (Total Transactions)
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​Measures scale and system activity and traffic volume at the Integrated Solid Waste Management facilities.

scale house 


Residential Units Added
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​Number of units added supports planning and budgeting for hauling collection costs and the offsetting revenue.

garbage cans for pickup 


RFAs (Requests for Action)
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Indicator of the Integrated Waste Management System's ability to meet customer service needs. Indicates customer satisfaction and supports workload planning for inspectors.

RFAs included are submitted for missed pickups, container requests, and illegal dumping.







Note: Oct 2015 corresponds to a new cart roll-out. Contractor returned service to acceptable expectations.


Illegal Dumps
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​Measures a service provided by Lee County Solid Waste to clean up illegally dumped waste sites that constitute a human health and safety hazard.








​Household Chemical Waste Facility

Customer Count and Materials Processed
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This measure tracks the number of customers visiting the Household Chemical Waste (HCW) Facility.

Materials processed is the tons of outbound household chemical waste collected and passed to appropriately permitted facilities.

household waste dropoff

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