​Maintenance Schedules

​​Lee County has placed high importance on a complete street transportation network that is safe for all modes of transportation (vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and mass transit). 

Lane Miles Maintained
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This measurement of lane miles of road will show the capacity to the existing road network.​

four-lane road 


Lane Miles Paved
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This measure represents the number of lane miles  annually paved/resurfaced by Lee County DOT.

Resurfacing roads positively affects the Overall Condition Index for the roadway network.








Distance Painted/Striped
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​Lane markings on County roadways are refreshed every 18 months.








road worklane paintingschool zone painting


Intersections Painted
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​Intersection markings typically last 4-6 years. The goal is to repaint every intersection on a 5-6 year rotation, which amounts to approximately 2,400 intersections per year.








Roadway Landscaping Maintained – Miles
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This measure will report total number of lanes miles of landscaping maintained each year.



>Bicycle/Pedestrian Facilities Maintained – Miles
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Bicycle/Pedestrian Facilities Maintained –Dollars Spent
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​Part of complete streets is to provide bike and pedestrian facilities to the existing streets and in the construction of new streets.




bike path


​Traffic Volume

​By keeping an eye on traffic growth County-wide and along specific streets or in specific communities, the County can better allocate resources to address high congestion locations and program long-term transportation improvements.

Total Traffic at Toll Facilities (reported per bridge)
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​This measures the amount of total traffic that crosses the toll bridges. Historical trends are used to help predict future revenue collection.









Traffic Volume: Change from Previous Year
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​The Average Daily Traffic, collected at traffic count stations around the County, is aggregated and compared to the Average Daily Traffic measured at the same station in the previous year.








DOT ops constructionDOT ops constructionDOT ops construction


Preventive Maintenance on Traffic Signals
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Preventive Maintenance involves routine cleaning, updating and refreshing of various types of equipment at the 425 signalized intersection in the County.

A robust Preventive Maintenance program will:

  • Keep the County's transportation network operating at peak performance & efficiency;
  • Reduce the number of preventable calls and emergency calls; and
  • Reduce nuisance calls and liability claims.





Traffic Signs Maintained
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​Refresh every County-maintained street sign a minimum of every 10 years.









sign graphicssign install



Toll Revenue Collected (per facility)
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​Toll revenues pay for operations, maintenance and debt as well as for Capital projects. 









sanibel tollmidpoint bridge tollcape coral bridge toll


New Leeway Accounts Opened
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​The number of new LeeWay account and active LeeWay accounts shows how many LeeWay customers are being serviced and would show any increase in accounts from marketing efforts.








​Request for Action Calls

Emergency Signal Maintenance Calls (flashing, no power, not cycling)
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​This measure represents the volume of calls for emergency signal maintenance. 









​ ​Response Time Emergency Signal Maintenance Calls
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​​With each emergency signal call, a technician is required to respond within 60 minutes of receiving the call during regular business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon.- Fri.), and  within 120 minutes outside of normal business hours and on holidays.





Pot Hole Repair
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This measure will report the numbers of days it takes to address a pot hole from the time an issue is reported to the day it is addressed.

Pot holes can cause the County financial liability. The Department's resources to address this issue are fixed. Measures like this are used when re-defining core service levels.






DOT operations asphaltDOT operations canal drainageDOT operations drainage


Drainage Requests
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​This measure will track the average number of days it takes to address a drainage complaint. Drainage issues are typically the most requests for action for the Operations section of DOT. This type of measure is tracked so management can address any excessive backlogs either by adding crews or hiring contractors to assist.






​​Emergency Flooding Calls
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​This measure will report the number of flooding calls.








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