Number in Fleet

Inventory measures the total number and type of equipment and vehicles serviced by Fleet Management. 

Fleet Management provides the mechanics to perform service and repairs on these vehicles.







Fleets Rolling Stock Value

​The value of the fleet is vitally important for the County Budget and determining the depreciation value on vehicles and equipment, as well as necessary Vendor Contracts.

The dollar amount of the current inventory, representing the cost to acquire = $62,983,856

batwingconcrete truckbucket truck


​Maintenance or Repairs


Work Orders Completed

​This measure monitors requests for service and repairs to vehicles and equipment. The work can be completed at Fleet's shop, a satellite shop, or by taking a maintenance truck into the field to minimize the downtime.







Preventive Maintenance Due vs. Completed

Preventive maintenance preserves the longevity of County equipment optimistically beyond standard useful life.  

The internal goal for the preventive maintenance completion rate is 90%.








EMS Shopparts roomLight shop



Fleet Availability

Fleet availability represents the time the vehicle or equipment is available for use during a specified time frame.

This measures the quality of fleet service to county departments and determines if there is a need for better technician training or more technicians. 







​NOTE: The number of preventive maintenance services affects availability. Ambulances are serviced every 2 months because they are run 24/7. Cars and light trucks are serviced every 6 months. Heavy trucks and equipment are serviced every 3 to 4 months.
Cost per Mile Efficiency 1/2 Ton Pick-up

​Cost per mile is measured by maintenance and repair costs and miles driven. The sample from Fleet is a 1/2 ton pick-up from the category of light trucks.









​Year​Average age​Average MILEAGE​Number of trucks
20207.78 years74,350210


​Fuel Consumption

Fuel Usage by Type

​Fuel usage is measured and tracked by transactions of fuel deliveries and usage at each fuel site.

'Red diesel' is dyed red to distinguish it for off-road use only.

Lee County government has applied for and received a tax exemption to use red diesel for both on- and off-road vehicles. Regular diesel is used at the site that sells fuel to the City of Fort Myers Beach and the Fort Myers Beach Fire Departments, as they are not exempt.




Fuel Costs
Text Summary of Chart

​Lee County's historical cost per gallon of fuel.










Inventory held by other agencies and serviced by Fleet is not included in these measures. Examples include fire departments, Tax Collector, Property Appraiser, Town of Fort Myers Beach. LeeTran buses and trolleys have a separate maintenance shop.

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